Traders from all around the globe will always be accompanied by emotions obviously because of its nature of humans, whether you like it or not. And regardless of how advanced technological development has been, emotions always get into a human sense as long as we remember them. Even most skillful traders find it difficult to ignore emotions when trading the market. No matter as easy as the basic mechanics of forex trader maybe, most forex traders often make emotional mistakes that cost him money. This is because human emotions frequently interfere with common sense.

If you can’t agree that you might be wrong about a specific trade, you will find very difficult to get out of a position of loss. You will instead find ways to persuade yourself that you may still be demonstrated to be correct, that trade can swing around to be profitable. There is a serious risk that you’ll see evidence subconsciously supporting what you want the trade to do while being blind to the proof that you are wrong.

A loss doesn’t feel good at all. This can make you irrational, emotional and temping trades outside your plan. No trader always makes a big trade. The old adage “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is quite true in the Forex trading business. Accept losses to be part of your trading reality and to adhere to your plan. Your trading plan should compensate for the loss in the long term; otherwise, review and modify your plan.

The biggest differences between new beginner traders and those who have been successful in the long term that is more experienced Forex traders often repeat these mistakes. They have recognized their own weaknesses, and are more likely mistaken so that they are not able to repeat their emotional mistakes so often. However, even very expert traders can still fall into the traps the market occasionally sets for them.

Emotions during trade are best handled by eliminating them. While this can easily be said rather than done, a clear, concise trading plan is the main reason. Trading with a plan may remove the biggest pitfall of emotion in the trading plan. Clear rules and a good trading plan can also avoid many other costly potential trading mistakes for beginners and experienced Forex traders.

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