All behaviors are linked to instinctive behavior, according to Psychology today. Such persistent habits eventually form a habit and dictate your productivity level. It should have a good trading plan for all traders. One of the worst bad habits that a trader can have is to deal impulsively and without direction. FX Traders who take the time to make a trading strategy are much more likely to succeed but we can create poor habits even with a plan in place.

Forex Traders need to base success or failure on and trade in order to break bad trading habits on whether they adhere to their trading plans and not simply on how they make or lose money. If you do a poor trade (i.e with no disciplined trade, not one part of your trading plan), but make money on it, you always have to see it as a failure, you can’t be praised. By praising yourself, you give a small reward for something wrongly done.

One perfect way to begin changing your bad habits is to spot them when they happen. When we seek to break the old and undesirable pattern and train ourselves with the fresh and desirable pattern, we ‘re building new constructive habits. The shift is fragile. Good intentions are weak to loss of momentum, and the old behaviors and patterns can rapidly re-surface. In order to solidify the new pattern of thinking, it is important to develop habits that will help support the new approach.

Humans have an innate need to be in control of circumstances and surroundings. After all, it is the loss of control that causes emotional responses such as fear and anger through which poor trading habits grow. As a result, we sometimes do ourselves a lot of harm in trading because this need to be in control eventually sabotages our trading attempts. The need to be in control while we trade the market causes the following problems: over-trading, closing trades too fast before they have an opportunity to play out, risking too much because we believe we know what’s going to happen next, trying to prevent losses by trading without stop loss / moving stop loss, etc.

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