Deciding how much money you have to start Forex trading for a living is a complex process and one for which no shortcuts exist. Despite the common opinion, you don’t need a lot of forex money trading. You can get started in any amount of forex trading you want. Luckily the Forex market (foreign exchange) is the most available financial market, needing only a small amount of capital to open an account.

Everyone comes to the FX market for a reason, ranging from being a successful trader for entertainment only. Many skilled traders enter into trading opportunities that concentrate on how much money they stand to lose rather than how much money they expect to earn. None knows the future market change so experienced traders are confident in their approach to trading but conservative in their use of successful leverage.

Since many smaller traders are amateur in forex trading, they keep exposing their account to much higher levels of successful leverage. As a result, this rise in leverage in their trading account will magnify the losses. Psychologically spent, traders either give up on forex or prefer to compound the problem by continuing to trade in fairly high effective leverage quantities. This becomes a vicious cycle damaging the enthusiasm that has attracted forex market traders.

You can start an account with a smaller amount, like $500, but if you do, make a commitment to build the account for at least one year before withdrawing any money. It’s important to be clear about what your forex trading experts. How much money you save, if you practice proper risk management, plays a key role in how much you will possibly make. If you’re willing to build your account slowly, you can probably start Forex Trading with as little as $500, but it’s suggested to start with at least $1000 regardless of your trading style.

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