Dealing with Forex trading is risk. The likelihood of a complete capital loss is an important issue not only for beginners but for experienced traders too. Each market participant should develop a set of rules to reduce the risks, and always follow them in all circumstances.

This is particularly important for new beginners traders, who are badly trading oriented and can’t always cope with their own emotions.

Such a protective complex rule is called money management. In the beginning, the trader may take advantage of schemes, built by more experienced traders, without having his own experience and market views.

First and foremost the main thing that forex trader needs is a quality Forex strategy. An FX trader should always follow this after developing a personal trading strategy, just occasionally adjusting the strategy to market circumstances. Establishing stop-loss and take-for-profit orders can help reduce the possibility of capital loss. The system will immediately stop the trade.

This will most likely result in an even greater loss since negative emotions won’t allow you to assess the situation sensibly. For this reason, in the presence of already opened but losing trades, it is not recommended that new traders open yet another order because this is very risky.

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