Trading currencies technology has come a long way because your banker physically had to buy foreign currencies. The advent of Futures, Options, other derivatives has allowed investors to seize much more effectively the potential for appreciating and depreciating FX currencies. The advent of internet technology has further improved the accessibility of currency trading with numerous online portals and virtual services to millions.

The automated or manual decision to trade may often be a tough one to make. Some people prefer automated trading over manual trading because it’s a mode of trading that experienced traders have checked. Alternatively, some traders-especially those with strong market intuitions-prefer to manually execute their own trading strategies based on extensive market and trade analysis.

Most manual traders have failed because their trade results are influenced by the emotions of greed and fear. If an individual fails, he or she can turn to automated Forex trading as a last option to help improve the profitability of their trading. When it comes to comparing automated with the manual FX trading system, the first point is typical that forex robots are very efficient, precise, a high percentage of calculation, they can store and remember more data and information than a human mind with which there are slightly higher chances of getting a good and Profitable Forex trade. But can also blow your account with single mistake which is very risky. And they can help in predicting the currencies’ future price.

Manual forex trading gives you the real Forex trading device look and thrill. You have complete control over your trades in manual trading and it is always easier to know stuff and play with it. With electronic trading, you have no idea what’s going on behind the curtain but when you want to sell/buy or avoid the market, it’s up to you in the manual trading system. Positive aspects of the manual trading system are all negative aspects of an automated trading system.

The ultimate aim of financial trading is to produce anomalous profits over a prolonged period of time at any given level of risk. As a web and mobile technologies flatten the world regarding the availability of information, the degree of complexity needed to achieve this aim is rising exponentially. The taste of manual trading or automated trading is still viewed as something subjective.

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