The forex women on the rise!

More and more women are starting to delve into trading Forex.
It was a real male world for a long time, but now we already know a lot of very good female traders.

Once the Forex market started as a place where a group of men talk about money and where women were not allowed.
But luckily times have changed and the female traders are on the rise!
And I have to admit that there are a lot of good female traders!

 female traders

But why can women be so successful in trading Forex?

First, let’s discuss a few myths.

Myth 1: Women are too careful.
Totally wrong perhaps a woman is generally a bit more careful than a man, they will think about a trade more often and take fewer risks.
But these are the good qualities to be able to take a good trade.
Often you see they don’t rush into a trade but they think good about the trades , so mostly the trades they do take are very successful.
They skip the most common trading mistakes due to a very responsible approach to risk management and end up earning more.
Greed and impulsiveness are nobody’s friends on the global market, and women are perfectly capable of taking reasonable risks without losing control.
After all, they can handle kids, chores, and work at the same time!

Myth 2: Women are too emotional.
Again wrong! What I mainly experienced is that women see it as being very businesslike.
And that there is therefore little emotion involved.
They are also very good at trading according to a plan and often adhere to it.
Where men will sometimes deviate a little more from that and sometimes will be impulsive, you will see this a lot less with female traders.

Well having said this and luckily more and more women are participating in the forex industry. (May be much more!)
What keeps some women away from making money with trading forex?

A big barrier I have heard from female traders is that many women drop out because of the mostly arrogant men in the trading world.
Even though they are super good traders and analysts.
Many men have no problems learning from someone with that chest-pounding cockiness,
but I think modern and mature woman alike don’t want to listen to it let alone pay for it.

Many can agree with this pretty well, but even then, why should they have to navigate the disingenuous put downs and constant barrage of  “I Nailed It” echoing through most testosterone-driven chat/trading rooms?
I think there is something to be said for the Mom-Edict: IF you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!
But let’s face it: Instagram is full of male traders and pro male trading services who are full of bravado.
The options for finding a quality forex mentors who are humble, encouraging and courteous present a great opportunity for women.


I think there is a whole world ahead for the female traders, from which we men can learn a lot.
I make sure that my community is woman friendly and that is also a very important rule in the forex scalpers community.
Let us encourage more women to trade and not discourage!

 female traders

And for the women:

You rock it!
Be the game changer!


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