Where to enter into a Supply and Demand trade?

A good entry point is very important when trading.
If you step in at the wrong time, you can unnecessarily lose a lot of money, which ultimately would not have been necessary at all.
In this blog I will therefore give you some tips on how you can recognize a good entry point in supply and demand forex trading.
If you practice this properly you will automatically see the correct entry points for every trade.
Very often I get the question where people should get into a trade and it doesn’t have to be difficult just train your eyes!

Let’s take a look at the following chart.
Here you can see the EUR / USD chart.
Here is the price not yet where I could see a possible entry.
But I did explain how I look at it! Just be patient now.

Supply And Demand Forex Trading

In the following example you also see a few nice entry points.
On Supply and Demand Forex Trading, I would personally only use the first and second touch.
Then you see that the price bounces off the Supply zone next candle would be my entry point in this case.
My stop loss will always be some pips above the zone.

Supply And Demand Forex Trading

And here is a final example about a Demand zone.
Do you also see those beautiful entries as I see them?
Of course you can’t immediately take every rejection, there are some other rules that you should definitely pay attention to.
This I explain to you all in my course it is just too much information to tell in just one blog.

Supply And Demand Forex Trading

Oh and I did not state my stop loss here, but if you have paid attention, you now know where I would put my stop loss in this trade.

Yes you already know?

Yes, of course, slightly under the zone!

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“The best thing to do is prepare. If you don’t, on behalf of the other market participants, we thank u!”
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