Forex mistakes / The most mistakes made /

Forex mistakes / The most mistakes made /

Forex mistakes / The most mistakes made.

Forex mistakes / The most mistakes made.

No one likes losing money. Even the richest of the rich hate losing money.
So fear will always be a part of this game. Key is to find a way to switch it off and believe in yourself!

The Forex market is like any other business, most business aren’t profitable in the first years so don’t expect a miracle starting at the Forex market. However, with the right skills and mindset you can be successful in a few months.
Don’t rush success. It’s like surfing. Learn to ride the waves and fear will be in your past.
Once you know how to ride the waves of the market or the sea you have little to no fear to take them on!

-Revenge / Forex mistakes:

An emotion that is as old as Santa and the pope combined. After a losing trade it’s pretty normal to feel revenge. You want to make up for your losses. People that have been to casino’s before probably know this feeling really well. It’s also just the way our fantastic brain works. To protect yourself keep in mind there is no such thing as a guaranteed winning trade. So don’t take it personal when it is not your fault at all. For example: You’ve just made a trade GBP/USD. You’ve bought a lot USD.

Forex mistakes

An hour later something like 9/11 happens again…. Obviously the position of the USD is going down. Was their anything you could do about this? No! Unless you work fort he CIA or something like this. Than again if you have a job like that you probably shouldn’t focus on trading. Point is. Sometimes there is just noting you can do about it. Why would you be hard on yourself and try to make up for it. That’s the point were emotions are getting involved and you start losing more.

=Greed / Forex mistakes:

Greed is arguably the most dangerous of all emotions. When you experience an upswing or streak of winning trades it can give you that wonderful feeling that you are the king of the world. The feeling of: I told you so! Maybe you think, oh well, this is just so easy let’s take some more risk. I’ve proven to right all the time in the past. Why would I be wrong this time…? The human brain simly want more and more of that success. This is were you need to stay humble, take your winnings, give yourself o pad on the shoulder and move on to you next winning trade.

There is the possibility to add more money to a successful trade. This means higher the initial risk as well. If you do this just out of greed your making a wrong move. If you hae a good reason for doing so than you’ve made the right decision.

Forex mistakes

When your account balance goes up doesn’t mean the size of you trade needs to go up as well. When you know your goal and when you’ve reached it you probably won’t be tempted to risk your whole account blindfolded.

The avalanche effect of greed will occur when you hear success stories of other traders that make you want to have the same success as well. Always remember that, even good trader, will only make 80% winning trades. Meaning he losses 20%. These 20 out of 100 losing trades can very well may be all in a row. Does that mean you’re a bad trader? Not if you stayed with your plan and strategy.


-Risk Management:

When you don’t have your risk under control at every trade, you simply open the door for the friendly but emotionals neighbours to come in and dominate in your house. We promise it’s hard when you start trading at the Forex market. Because it is an emotional market. It’s hard to stop trading emotionally once you’ve started or even admit you’re trading emotionally. The game is about how much you lose or better said how you minimize your losses. Not about your winnings. We all have that gambling friend that always talks about his big winnings. He never tells you about the day he lost $1000 on one hand of Black Jack does he? A good example that shows you how important it is to minimize your losses. You don’t want to lose that $1000 you’ve won with 100 hands on one hand do you?
So set your losing limit before you trade. This has to be an amount that your completely OK with losing. If you lose it’s just another day at the office.

-Organized trading / Forex mistakes:

Clarity and a good organization are the two aspects that your success will depend on. What do we mean with organized? Stick to your plan and read your trading journals. Remember it is not a casino where you just gamble on black or red. Forex is about knowledge and having a plan and stick to it.


-The pitfalls / Forex mistakes.

99% of the traders make mistakes. So here are the most common mistakes for you so you hopefully won’t make the same mistakes.

-Losing trades / Forex mistakes:

Losing trades are just another day at the office. It’s just that simple. Don’t let them get to you. Every trader on Wall Street or trading from his home office will face losing trades. A trader with a 80% success ratio will still lose 20 out of 100 trades he makes. Keep your risk tight, safe and disciplined.

-Losing money / Forex mistakes:

Unfortunately 90% of all traders are losing traders. They lose their confidence, start doubting themselves. This encourages them to pay for bad Forex services or even desperately let other “winning” traders trade on their account. Again, there are many people with no winning track record willing to help you for a certain price. Don’t be desperate. Your will land power is all you need!

Most important reason for repetitive losing traders/ Forex mistakes:

-Chart Loonatic:

There are lots of fundamental impacts that could easily distract a trader. Also there are a ridiculous amount of trading systems and trading software, which have lots of indicators and templates etc. As a trader you’ve got to filter these indicators and narrow them down to the ones that matter the most for your own strategy. WARNING: This could be difficult for a beginning trader.

It’s not necessary to spend hours and hours behind the screen analyzing the news or charts.
Keep it simple and stick to what you need. Keep it organized.


Most traders lose money simply because they trade too much. We call this over-trading. Over the years we have learned that traders succeed on their demo account but once the real game begins they start losing. Once your real money is on the line your emotions are kicking in. Prove that emotions can kill your account. Over-traders purely trade on emotions.

Everything comes down to your technical skills and not your emotions. So try to create an environment with little to no emotions for yourself. This is done be being organized and having a plan.

-Why Risk Management is so important:

Risk management is vital for success, safety and sustainability in Forex trading. Risk management won’t let you lose more on a trade than your comfortable with. Lots of traders forget about the chance of losing on a trade. Ask yourself this question: “Why would you take more risk than your comfortable with?”

Even if you are one of the best traders or you have this unique talent to see the right spot to step in a trade. Without good risk management you will never be a successfull trader on the long term. Basic knowledge is to always go for more PIPS as your willing to lose.

-Aim for the money not for the PIP:

Remember Forex is a job not a casino. Traders who approach the Forex market as a gambler or as an addict to money won’t make the right decisions. He will start thinking irrational and make Forex mistakes. So don’t think of in dollars but think in PIPS.

Forex mistakes

Let me break that down for you. When your mind is on the money and you think in dollars your risk management won’t work most of the time. There is always this voice of the devil in your head saying “What if…” Or “Maybe this or that will happen”. Stop thinking like this. Get these dollar signs out your eyes and start think like a real trader. It’s not that easy as use a couple of big lot sizes and flee the scene when your positions are positive. So always calculate your wins and losses in PIPS. Always trade with more or less the same volume. You trading plan has to have PIP goals and PIP risks. How many PIPS do I want to win? Or how many PIPS do I want to risk with this trade?

-No Game Plan:

Most common made forex mistakes is not having a game plan at all. Traders just start out of the blue without a real strategy or plan. If your watching sports, do you think the athletes don’t have a game plan? I bet you a $100 that every team or individual athlete has a game plan. Don’t think like all the other traders “I’m going to make my plan after I’ve done a few trades”. You will end up with an empty account.
Forex mistakes
Right thing to do is keep track of your trades. Make reports of your trades (a trade journal) so you can look back at what you did and maybe change your tactics a little bit. Organized work like this will help keeping your emotions out of the game as well.
Remember that the game plan you started with doesn’t have to be the winning one, so call a time out, look back and adjust to a winning game plan. Pretty cool right! You can be the coach of your own professional sports team!

“When I became a winner, I said, ‘I figured it out, but if I’m wrong, I’m getting the hell out, because I want to save my money and go on to the next trade.’” – Marty Schwartz

Want to know more about trading in forex / forex mistakes or do you want to join the forex group?
The forex group is mainly English!
Please contact me so that I can explain you much more about what we have to offer.
And all your questions can be verbs.

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Forex scalpers / Want to be a Forex scalper? /

Forex scalpers / Want to be a Forex scalper?

Forex scalpers / Want to be a Forex scalper?

Some scalpers are already satisfied with 1-5 PIPs.
And you actually step out of a certain position very quickly, sometimes even within 5 minutes.
A scalp trade is a trade that you can only keep up to 1 hour to get your pips.
If you want to scalpe, you first have to look for a good broker. Because not every broker is happy with scalpers and also have certain rules where they do not allow scalping.
So first look for a broker that has an attractive spread and where you should not hold a trade for at least a certain amount of time.


Forex scalpers

There are many traders who do not like scalps at all.
The scalping of forex can sometimes go very fast and you should therefore always ensure good risk management.
I scalp forex myself for a number of years and i love it! You are active in the forex market and you make a number of trades per day.
You can make good money with it if you know what you are doing and which times are best to take a scalp position.
In addition to scalping, I also do Swingtrades, but I do this next to them because you often keep them for a longer time for a nice profit.

Forex scalpers

Do you want to scalpe yourself but do not know exactly how?
I will gladly explain everything about scalping.
What are the perfect times and what kind of risk management is exactly sensible if you are a forex scalper.
Feel free to contact me and who knows you will soon be a forex scalper at the top!

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Forex Training Nederland

Learn Forex Training Nederland

Wij hebben een strategie weten te ontwikkelen waarmee we meer dan 80% winstgevend zijn.

De Forex training nederland

Want in de forex wereld leer je echt met vallen en opstaan.
Elk begin is moeilijk maar in de wereld van het traden helemaal.
Misschien heb je al veel geld verloren op de markt?
Wil je nu wel wat meer investeren in jezelf.
Waarschijnlijk heb je een droom een droom die ook wij hadden om te kunnen leven van je trade’s, en er goed van te kunnen leven!

Trading gaat vooral over lezen, observeren, analyses maken en toeslaan.
Belangrijke reden waarom ca 90% van de traders uiteindelijk verliest, is dat zij te lui zijn om het werk te doen dat noodzakelijk is om succesvol te kunnen zijn.
Vaak is een andere reden is dat zij geen handelsplan hebben.
Ze gissen, gokken en hopen.
Eigenlijk meer gokken dan dat ze traden.
Hoe dan ook, als je bereid bent om hard en gedisciplineerd te werken dan zou je weleens tot die 10% traders kunnen gaan behoren die wel succesvol zijn met de Forex cursus.


“When I became a winner, I said, ‘I figured it out, but if I’m wrong, I’m getting the hell out, because I want to save my money and go on to the next trade.’” 
– Marty Schwartz

Bij Forex Training Nederland

Wil je meer weten over het handelen in forex of wil je de forex groep joinen?
De forex groep is vooral engelstalig maar je hebt altijd een nederlands sprekende mentor!
Neem vrijblijvend contact met mij op zodat ik je veel meer kan uitleggen over wat wij precies te bieden hebben.
Dan kan ik al je vragen beandwoorden.

Bij Forex training nederland

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Forex traden nederland
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Looking for the Right Forex Signals?

Get Good Forex Signals Service – The Forex Scalpers 

Many people are looking for forex signals because if you have found the right signal service you can become very rich.
But what if this signal service stops or the forex signals are no longer good?
then you have to look for a new signal service and everyone knows that you do not find a good signal service very quickly.
Often there are many scammers and they deliver totally wrong signals and then you blow your account!

Of course, this is not the intention, but it happens very often. You pay a nice amount per month for the signals and the signal service promises you golden mountains.
A high profit and a minimal loss.
Yet you often see the opposite and you blow one account after another account.

Professional Trader advice Signals Services

As a professional trader, I would certainly also advise against signal services, especially if you have no knowledge of trading yourself.
Too often I see that the risk management of most signal services is completely wrong.
They use a too high stop-loss on the profit they want to achieve.
You also do not know if you do not have experience with trading when you can get the best out of a trade.
And you follow the predetermined take profit and stop loss indiscriminately.
That often goes wrong and you lose a lot of money again!
Terrible sin, because if you learn to trade yourself, you have control.
And you can earn a lot of money on your own.
You know what risks you want to take and rely on your own trade.
There is nothing better than making a good analysis yourself and seeing your profits grow.

My advice is therefore to never just get a signal service, if you do not know what trading forex means.
First learn the basics of trading.
And grow from there!

Want to know more about Forex Trading or do you want to join the forex group?
The forex group is mainly English!
Please contact me so that I can explain you much more about what we have to offer.
And all your questions can be verbs.

Forex signals

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Forex Trading Education

Forex Trading Education

Forex Education – Forex Course Trading

We have developed a strategy that makes us more than 80% profitable.

Because in the forex world you really learn to fall and get up.
Every beginning is difficult but in the world of it all went.
Perhaps you have already lost a lot of money on the market?
Therefore now you want to invest more in yourself.
For example, you have a dream that we also had to be able to live from your trade, and to live well!

But with your will, patience and trust we can make you a successful trader with our Forex course Trading is mainly about reading, observing, analyzing and striking.

Forex Education

Firstly an important reason for the loss of approximately 90% of traders is that they are too lazy to do the work that is necessary to be successful.
Another reason is that they do not have a trading plan.
Likewise a trading plan is so important to get and be consistent.
They guess, gamble and hope.
Actually more gambling than they did.
Either way, if you are willing to work hard and disciplined, you could once more belong to those 10% traders who are very
successful with the Forex course.

Forex education


“When I became a winner, I said, ‘I figured it out, but if I’m wrong, I’m getting the hell out, because I want to save my money and go on to the next trade.’” – Marty Schwartz

Forex Education

Want to know more about trading in forex or do you want to join the forex group?
The Forex group is mainly English!
Please contact me so that I can explain to you much more about what we have to offer.

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