By far the best out there

I’ve been looking for a service that could help me grow my investing, I came across a lot of ‘signal providers’ and at first I thought they were good, but then after a while it started to lack and my profits would slowly slip away again.
Then I came across the forex scalper page and I jumped straight to their website.

This is not a signal provider at all, but this is by far the best way to learn the strategy for yourself.
It’s absolutely the best bang for your buck.
It’s not only the knowledge you gain, but also the very valuable memberzone, where everybody shares their ideas.

The course is a great total package of everything you need to know, there are a lot of homework assignments that Kev will check and approve, or he will give you some feedback to make it better, in that way you always know that you are on the right track.

Kev Himself is the most humble man in this forex world out there, he will awnser your questions the minute he has time.
You notice in everything that this is his life work. Nothing but love and respect.

This is a great way to build your way towards financial freedom.

Rudy Kmn

Best mentor ever!!!

Firstly I’d love to say how absolutely humble Kev is, the time and effort he put into this course really does show. He’s my first mentor and honestly I couldn’t be happier. The masterclass course has absolutely opened my mind to how the markets work. Everything in his educational system is GOLD. And he has created a community of traders that are absolutely fantastic. He’s changing lives everyday. I’ve only had the course for 2 weeks and I’ve already seen a significant improvement in my trading. If you want to take your trading to the next level Kev is definitely the mentor you want to invest your time and money in. The price of his course and the value you get from it he could have easily charged more. So I urge anybody that might have been thinking about purchasing it just do it you won’t regret it. The man is an absolute beast on the markets. 💯🙌🏾


It is a must

I crossed his instagram profile and at first site I was a bit sceptic but started seeing reviews, opinions and specially the content of the posts and stories. Decided to give it a chance after talking a bit with Kev. He hasn’t got any problem to answer any of your doubts, he is amazing! In a matter of minutes my account was setup and the book on its way! The course is amazing from A to Z, displays another perspective of how Kev sees the market and explains it easily, clear and concise. Everyone is able to follow and start. Just yo way through the course and started seeing results, the good thing is the course covers not just basics also Risk Management, Trading plan… it is worth much more. Shame I didn’t discovered it before!! Thank you Kev


It just makes sense

S&D – nothing else matters…real game changer. Would recommend for everyone who’s struggling with profitability on fx market.

Thanks Kev,

Miroslav Ilic


Worth every penny 🔥 I started with forex 5 years ago but my way was up and down without any mentor . I tried 3-4 online courses but all was about retail trading and drawing trend lines. Then I tried forex signals and ended up broke and almost on the street . I was constantly searching for someone who can guide me step by step and show me how to trade and not lose all my capital gained from hard work at job. When I first saw Kev’s Instagram account, I was like “Damn, this thing works for him so it might work for me as well.” So I bought theforexscalpers course . First impression when I logged in members area , I was amazed by way he created it 🤩 Then I dig deep into it and found out tremendous value in usable knowledge . Day when I recieved my book and flash drive with even more knowledge in books, videos , examples , that day was my best day ever. Can’t write down my whole way from just student to full time trader as that will be the text for a book 😅
Best on this whole course and way of teaching is that he actually makes sure you understand everything as you gotta do homework to continue in course so big 👍 to that . Help what you can get in community is also something I gotta mention. One big family with one big vision 🔥
So purchasing course was my best decision ever made . Highly recommended for any type of person/ trader . Absolute life changer 🙏🏻
God bless You Kev🙏🏻


High quality knowledge

This course opens your eyes to the trading world! After you finish the course you will view the charts completely different. You will understand how the big guys (banks,institutions etc.) trade!
Besides the quality of the course, the community is very helpfull, everybody helps reaching your goals!
You can say this is THE ONE when it comes to courses.
Do not doubt this course and just do it!
We will see you on the other side!


The piece to my puzzle (strategy)

Honestly, the course helps a lot in guiding you directly where to focus your attention in the market. There are many resources about forex trading online that would just lead you in more loss. But not this course. I’ve been trading for more than a year and have developed my own strategy. But i was not consistent and I felt that I was lacking in underatanding the market. I was in luck I found this course because it supplemented what I was lacking. The course was the piece of the puzzle that I was looking for this whole time.

PS: Kev’s slack chat group community is very helpful and supports one another like giving positive critics in the process of your learning. Money well spent on this one.


The Forex masterclass course is…

The Forex masterclass course is something else, the depth and attention to detail within this course is amazing if any one wants to start with forex I would recommend Kevs course as it is the best, it has improved my trading and opened my mind to the next level.

Thank you Kev for the passdown of your knowledge.


Firstly wow

Firstly wow! I received the masterclass course 10 days ago, in the past i have bought many other courses for more money that were nowhere near as good as this one. The support you receive from TFS community and kev is outstanding. The course is precise and straight to the point and explains all about entries and stop losses. It completely makes you understand what is going on in the market and how the markets work. I would go as far as saying this is possibly the best decision i have made in my life. 10/10 from me.

Kind regards


christian mahoney

The best

I highly recommend everyone to buy a Masterclass course. This course is the best thing you can do for yourself, everything is perfectly and in detail explained in the individual lessons that will lead you to be consistent. Words of thanks are not enough



Revolutionised my trading

I’ve been trading for almost 2 years and don’t get me wrong I’ve had a couple winning months. However no matter what I’ve been doing I’ve got lost, confused and doubted the strategy or it’s just stopped working. This program is INCREDIBLE, totally simplified the way I look at things and a positive is I much prefer the way the charts look this way! For the price you’d be a fool not to enroll, highly recommend for the complete novice or even an intermediate to advanced trader.

Samuel Lowe


This course is undoubtedly the best investment to escape the 9-5 rat race, its taken me a bit longer than most in the group, because i have had to unlearn all the crap that was told previously. The value for money is unreal with the stuff that’s in the course and the community is excellent with all traders experienced and new helping each other. Negativity is not allowed

Martyn M76

Been trading 6 months

Been trading 6 months. No results. Saw Kev on instagram. decided to use my credit card to pay for the course. Best investment I’ve made. The support, the knowledge, the community, and the results are impeccable. If you put in the work this course will undoubtedly give make you a profitable trader. Much love Kev

Jonathan C.

This is the only course you will ever…

This is the only course you will ever need! I have struggled so much with forex trading in the past and this course was honestly the light at the end of the tunnel for me. Plenty of content, a great community and even homework! Would 100% recommend.


Trust Worthy

Trust Worthy, Simple Man with Simple, Powerful, Easy and To the Point Strategy. He designed a Forex Course with home based assignments, so that people do analysis after reading the course chapter by chapter. Always respond. 7 Stars for Him

Sami Ahmed

This course really is life changing…

This course really is life changing stuff. My only regret is not investing sooner. All the content is original and you can tell that it has been written by the author himself. Everytime I go through the course I learn something new. Everything is explained in great detail, from beginners to advanced level. All I can say is Thanks to Kev for this life changing opportunity!

Jayde Tooms

I have no words that can express how I…

I have no words that can express how I feel. After taking many courses, this course cleared up all my confusion. I recommend it to anyone that wants to trade like a pro and become financially free.
Thank you forexscalper!!!


Worth every penny.

TJ Dunham

Amazing product with an actively involved mentor!

Kevins course has absolutely changed the way I look at and understand the markets. He is always posting new educational content along side his chart reviews and ideas for the upcoming week. This is definitely a course I would recommend to those looking to learn forex or improve their trading skillset!


Whole New Level

Really changed my trading. Have recommended this course from Kevin to all my friends. His work is phenomenonal and his work ethic to make us students succeed is really impressive. Thank you Kev, best investment I have done.


Best course in the world

I Thank you From the bottom of my heart again thank you so much!
You have the best course in the whole world. Thank you for the time you put in to come up with such a masterpiece.
Thank you for changing my life and my family life. You changed the way I trade on very high level.

The whole course is important but modules 17 is a sniper/masterpiece.
I can’t thank you enough.

Santhonax Desrosiers

Best Forex Course and Community no doubt.

It doesn’t matter if you have 0 experience or 5 years in the market, the person who is willing to put in the hours to understand this course it is going to be successful, everything you need is there.


The mentor I needed in my life..

The mentor I needed in my life..
I like the way he treats the community..soo much respect and love… My trading career got lot better after joining with him. 3 years of struggle I’ve gone through and I got a lifetime skill I wanted with the right person..

Basil Thomas

Best course

The best investment you could make in your trading journey. Amazing community full of supportive, SUCCESFUL, traders. The mentor Kev is amazing and is always there to help as well. The course goes into depth on everything you need to know, and even includes extras to get your trading to that next level. Easy 5 star


I am taking from my personal experience…

I am talking from my personal experience TFS is beyond just a course its a life changing materiel because it doesn’t just teach you a trading setup it teach you all the component’s to be a professional trader because trading is not just an entry trading is verity of things combined in one systematic system and TFS is a full package that will fulfill all these important parts to grab your hand to success so i guess to sum this long review the bottom line take the leap of faith and give this course its time because trading is marathon not a race and lastly give my thanx to the beautiful community that helped me in all my hard times wish all new TFS traders the good luck .


Changed my views of the market

Changed my views of the market, opened my eyes! Forever grateful.

Fitim Emini

Supply and demand

Bought the course in April 2020, studied hard thanks to kev, the group and the market and after less than a year I got my first successes by overcoming the first step of ftmo, obviously the road is long but kev has always been available to answer every message and any doubt. The course is worth gold and is sold at a price that I believe could be 10 or 100 times that. It only deserves the experience of a true professional approach to the markets. Highly recommended if you want to understand how the marker moves


I have been trading for almost 3 years…

I have been trading for almost 3 years now and I had my ups and downs, but I have never been profitable. I finally decided and bought the Masterclass package and I must say it’s brilliant. The way he explain supply and demand and all other stuff is on the next level. I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling in forex. When you finnish your lecture, you have to do homework and there is when you learn the most. He looks at every file you upload and he review it. Awesome!


The best mentor

The best mentor! Great content, everything you need to know kev teaches you. And he dont tell you you will become millionaire in one month. You have to work hard! The right mindset you should have! In kev’s community there is hard work and results!

Gonçalo Gonçalves

theforexscalper made impossibilities ,possible

what amazes me about the Forex scalper is his ability to simplify everything that seems to be difficult.. the truth is i’ve been doing alot of wrongs,but ever since i found the Forex scalper i was amazed with my growth!! i’m glad to have found the platform he created.. More grace to his elbow!!!

Cozzy Brimes

Excellent Mentor – Great Community!

Excellent mentor and great community. The style of trading is so simple and really opened my eyes.

If you’ve been struggling trading support & resistance, wondering why your ‘perfect’ trades end up turning and getting stopped out then this stuff will hold the answer for you guys.

The community chat is something really helpful to me also. 2000+ members sharing ideas and helping each other out.

Gregor Michie


Alot of knowledge to be learned and great help from the mentor and community members. Worth the price, not much else can be said about this.

Max Sanchez

The forex scalper has been incredible

The forex scalper has been incredible with his teaching of forex. you learn from the ground up to really become a really good trader. he and his mentors are always there for any questions or concerns you have.

All Mousa


Have had a fantastic experience with Theforexscalper community and course. The course is very simple to follow and understand, also has added material to go even more in-depth with your knowledge. The community is great too, everyone has the same goal and help is there if needed. It’s hard to come by anything like this in this field, its truly something amazing. It’s in its own league

Matt Mc
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