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Scalper forex

When we talk about Forex, scalping refers to the creation of a large amount of trades that individually yield small profits.
With a scalping strategy, traders generally expect an expected profit of between 5 to 10 Pips per trade.
In addition, traders can use a high lever to increase these profits.
Make it clear that the lever can also increase any losses.
What is the best scalp strategy? Determining whether a Forex scalping strategy is appropriate will largely depend on the amount of time you are willing to invest in scalp trading.

Best Scalper Forex

The next important point is that you have the qualities to make decisions in a flash.
To scalpe well, you can quickly predict where the market is going.
Then, click here to open and close positions within seconds.
That makes Forex scalping not easy.

Once you’ve started scaling, practice a demo account first.
Start with trades in general, try different strategies and make market forecasts.

Scalper Forex

When making predictions, keep in mind that psychology, and especially herd behavior, is an important part of market movements.
Understanding of these is key features of the Forex Scalper.
If you are interested in exercising scalping strategies then you should also be willing to accept losses.
Your goal as a scalper is to trade more profitable than losing positions.
Make sure you know when to close positions if they are not successful.

Scalper Forex

Finally, by automating your Forex scalping strategy, you can save a lot of time and energy. However: … strategies must be constantly developed and improved … … automate your strategy only after it has consistently performed over a reasonable period of time … To find out if scalping fits your personal preferences, it’s a good idea to practice Forex scalping on a free IC MARKETS. account.

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Forex course

Forex course

Forex course

Forex Course

We have developed a strategy that makes us more than 80% profitable.

Because in the forex world you really learn to fall and get up.
Every beginning is difficult but in the world of it all went.
Perhaps you have already lost a lot of money on the market?
And now you want to invest more in yourself.
Perhaps you have a dream a dream that we also had to be able to live from your trade, and to live well!

With your will, patience and trust we can make you a successful trader with our Forex course Trading is mainly about reading, observing, analyzing and striking.

An important reason for the loss of approximately 90% of traders is that they are too lazy to do the work that is necessary to be successful.
Another reason is that they do not have a trading plan.
And a trading plan is so important to get and be consistent.
They guess, gamble and hope.
Actually more gambling than they did.
Either way, if you are willing to work hard and disciplined, you could once more belong to those 10% traders who are very Forex course successful with the Forex course.

Forex course

Forex course

“When I became a winner, I said, ‘I figured it out, but if I’m wrong, I’m getting the hell out, because I want to save my money and go on to the next trade.'” – Marty Schwartz

Want to know more about trading in forex or do you want to join the forex group?
The forex group is mainly English!
Please contact me so that I can explain you much more about what we have to offer.
And all your questions can be verbs.

Looking for good Forex education? Look at
The best Broker? Look at  IC MARKETS.

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Forex Price Action Strategy – The Forex Scalpers

Forex Price Action Strategy – The Forex Scalpers

Price Action Strategy

Technical chart analysis is the multiple patterns the chart shows and all forms of price action. Also the overall analysis and the movement of the market over a certain time period. A soon you’ve learned to master the price action and how to determine the price action. You are ready to make a benefit of certain movements in the market.

Price Action is making the most of your trading decisions on a clean chart. Free of indicators and influences from the past. You could add the moving average for some extra help.

Since Price Action reflects al variables of a certain market over a certain period with the help of price indicators as Stochastic or MACD. You won’t need all the other indicators since they simply just distract you. Only information you need to make a winning strategy is the raw movement of the market.

Fundamentals of Price Action Strategy

As told before, economic variables will move the market as well. Think of what I told you about fundamentals.
Movements like this are clearly recognizable. Just for the fun of it you should look up the chart of GBP/USD. Around the Brexit Referendum, you will see a clear drop in the value of the GBP.

Price action analysis make use of the overall cure price data. That’s why this strategy could be used on every trade at the financial market. Before starting Price Action strategy make sure you start with a clean sheet. Remove all other distracting indicators in the past.

Price action strategy

There is a big difference between charts with indicators and charts without. Example underneath will show you the difference. Take a look at both charts and tell me which one looks easier to analyze? Also charts with lots of indicators won’t give you more information. They only give you distracting information from the past that you really don’t want to know.

Price action strategy

Best Broker: ICMARKETS.

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Self control and trading

Self control and trading

Self control and trading

Self control and trading


Self-control is something that you need for any analytical decision and the execution of trades.
Your success and sustainability will be determined within the market through your ability to maintain a centered and clear mind before executing a trade.
Often when a trader makes a mistake, they will be aware of that mistake. They also know that it’s only them to blame.

Self control and trading

Most common mistakes:

– Trade too big Lot Sizes.
– Replacing your Stop losses.
– Open up too many trades.
– Use of wrong leverage.
– Leave trade open too long.

You and only you have control over your actions in the market.
Along your trading journey you will definitely have to fight your inner demons, nevertheless it is a great journey of self-development and discipline.

” Self control and trading “

The temptation to trade just because you’ve got a good feeling about i twill always be there!
From the moment you open your laptop in the morning your thoughts will constantly be focused on opening a position.

This temptation can lead to the opening of each trade that shows you, but it must be fought with good discipline.
In a business like forex, only persons who have good self-control are rewarded with positive and consistent trading results over time.
To reach these consistent trading results over time you have to be aware of the differentiation of all scenario’s. Even as recognizing when it’s your time to step in or when it’s time to sit back, relax and just watch the show.

Self control and trading

It’s really important to learn how to set realistic and reachable goals for yourself. This doesnt mean you can’t be a millionaire on one day, but it means that you need to understand a skill like this is highly valued so obviously it takes time to master.
Set monthly goals and keep an honest, close relation with your trading notebook. Do this the day you start trading. Don’t let the losses bring you down during your road to success. Take them as an opportunity to grow.

Forget about the money you are trying to make. To be consistent should be your only goal.
Consistent analyses, consistent drawings, consistent PIP calculations and a consistent positive attitude.

Self control and trading

Finally, your trading plan should be as honest and as organized as possible. Other questions you need to ask yourself:

How many time a day will a look at the market?
Which pairs should I trade?
How many trades can I open at once?
What is the max. risk on my account?
What sort of trader am I?

This questions are really important to get to know yourself as a trader. Where are your flaws and where are your talents? Know who you are and who you are as a trader.

Self control and trading

Experience a winning trade streak could possibly lead to a “On top of the mountain” feeling. Be aware of that. This is the result of not keeping your eyes on the price (being consistent) anymore, but letting gread and money take over your emotions. This may very well lead to a big mistake that brushes away half of your account. Remember to take the small steps in order to be successful on the long run!

Best broker: IC MARKETS.

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Tips trading forex

Tips trading forex

Tips trading forex :

– Don’t forget to place your Stop-loss at the daily and 4H chart at the HH-LL-HL-LH marks.
– Not over two trades at once.
– Keep track of your daily trade notebook and be honest with yourself.
– Think in terms of percentages and PIPs.
– Always save your work and stay organised.

Tips trading forex.

The quote “Your as good as your last trade” is partly true, but a professional trader who strives value and development has to look back and analyze previous trades.

If you’ve traded with a demo-account in the past, you should be aware that a big loss is recovered by one simple click on a button. That’s not how it works in the real world. It’s not our nature looking our faults straight in the eye, but this is something you need to lean. That’s the only way to work on your flaws.

Tips trading forex

Assessing your performance will tell you a lot about you and what trading style suits you best. Ask yourself the following questions:

With which pairs do I perform best?
Which pairs do I perform are my losing ones?
During what time period of the da yam I most profitable?
On which days have I lost the most?
On what days am I most profitable?
Am I more successful when long-term trading or do I perform better scalping?

Fact is that 70% of all traders can’t draw their technical analysis correctly.

Tips trading forex

Setting up your trend lines or key levels inaccurately will make you a failure even before entering the trade.

Don’t fear, Thanks to our modern technology we are capable to cut of the rough edges. By taking screenshots before and after the trade we can research if we acted correctly.

Tips trading forexTips forex trading

Tips trading forex

“The easiest thing to do is prepare. If you don’t, on behalf of the other market participants, we thank you.”

Best broker: IC MARKETS.

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