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Welcome to Practicum Experience!

The Next Step in Trading Education

The Practicum is a special practice area where you can sharpen your trading skills without any financial risk. Think of it as a training gym for traders! You get to use realistic trading tools and interfaces just like the real markets, which means you can try out your strategies, see how they work, and get better at trading without the worry of losing money.

We provide all the software and data (L2) you need, and you can also join a community of traders on Discord where everyone helps each other learn and grow. Whether you’re new to trading or looking to improve, The Practicum is the perfect place to build your skills.

Join us at The Practicum and start trading smarter today!


What is the Practicum Experience?

Practicum is your chance to apply what you’ve learned in a real-world setting. When you enroll, you’ll receive access to a futures account and the choice to trade using ATAS or Volumetrica platforms. But that’s not all. We provide two distinct accounts to maximize your learning:

1. Practice Account:

You get a $100K demo Account. This is your playground to experiment and sharpen your trading techniques. There’s no risk involved, so feel free to try new strategies and learn from your experiences. If something doesn’t work out, you can reset and start fresh anytime.

2. Examination Account:

This is where your skills are put to the test. You'll start with a fixed balance of $100,000, subject to a set of rules and a minimum profit target to achieve. While there are no time limits, there is a maximum loss threshold. Fail to meet the target, and you'll receive a detailed feedback report from me. You can then try again, applying the feedback to improve. Succeed, and you're ready to soar in the trading world, complete with a certificate of completion sent directly to you.

The Discord

Welcome to our discord trading community where we, frequently share insights during the New York and occasionally the London trading sessions. We discuss potential trades, key trading levels, and strategies in real time. However, your active participation is key! This is a community effort where motivation and mutual support can truly enhance our trading success.this is a space where everyone can learn, share, and support each other.

What You’ll Find on Our Discord Server:

Our Discord server is the heart of our community. It’s the perfect place for you to:

  • Discuss various trading strategies.
  • Get instant feedback on your setups/trades.
  • Learn from the real-time trading actions of experienced traders.
  • Engage with a community of motivated traders who are all striving to improve.
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The Practicum

Practical Experience: Apply what you learn in real-time with access to live data and a variety of trading platforms.
125 Monthly
  • Real-Time L2 Data Access: Live market data for accurate, real-time practice. For trading Futures
  • Choice of Trading Platforms: Select between ATAS or Volumetrica.
  • Dual Trading Accounts: A practice account for unrestricted experimentation, and an examination account with a fixed starting balance and rules.
  • Discord Community Access: Join an active community of traders for support, strategy exchange, and networking.
  • Extensive Practice Opportunity: Unlimited access to practice trading with real market conditions.
  • Certification: Earn a certificate upon successful completion of the examination, recognizing your trading proficiency.
  • Feedback and Improvement Report: Detailed feedback on exam performance, highlighting areas for improvement for those needing a second attempt.
  • Build your own portfolio for a future in the trading world!
  • Potential Hedge Fund Invitation: Qualify for an invitation to trade with TFS’s upcoming hedge fund, subject to passing the examination.

What Sets 'The Practicum' Apart?

  • Realistic Trading Environment: Experience trading with a realistic interface that mirrors live trading conditions. (You are trading on live L2 data.) This setup helps you feel the pulse of real-world trading without the financial risk.
  • Feedback and Growth: Engage with a system designed to provide constructive feedback on your trades. Improve your strategies and decision-making skills based on expert analysis and community support.
  • Multiple Test Accounts:
    Practice Account: Dive into trading with zero risk. This account lets you freely experiment with new strategies and sharpen your skills. Feel free to reset your account anytime to test different approaches.
    Examination Account: After your evaluation period, we review your trades and provide detailed feedback and actionable tips. This helps fine-tune your strategies and enhance your trading proficiency.
  • Community Support: Join our Discord community of like-minded traders. It’s a place for learning, sharing experiences, and growing together. We will usually be present around the New York open and sometimes during the London open as well. During these sessions, we will be sharing our trading levels and potential trades as we spot them.

    Invest in Your Trading Education

    We handle the costs of data and software, ensuring you have access to top-tier resources without any hidden fees. For a small monthly investment, gain entry to an invaluable community and set yourself up for success in the trading world.

    Join ‘The Practicum’ today and transform your trading skills in a comprehensive, supportive environment. It’s more than an investment in trading; it’s an investment in your future success.

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The Steps

Ready to take your trading to the next level?
Step 1: Start with Education

Begin your journey with our comprehensive trading education. Whether you’re interested in supply and demand trading or diving deep into order flow analysis, you can start applying what you learn in real-time. We provide access to real-time data and a choice of trading platforms to ensure you can practice effectively as you learn.

Step 2: Join Our Discord Community

Connect with a community of like-minded traders on our Discord server. Here, you can share insights, discuss strategies, and exchange ideas with others who are on the same journey. It’s a great way to learn from each other and stay motivated throughout your trading education.

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Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect

After completing the course, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Apply what you’ve learned by practicing extensively. This hands-on experience is crucial to reinforcing your understanding and improving your trading skills.

Step 4: Take the Examination

When you feel ready, take the examination to see if you have what it takes. Passing the exam not only proves your proficiency but also earns you a certificate. Successfully passing the exam may also qualify you to be invited to trade for TFS as part of our upcoming hedge fund. Should you not pass, you will receive a detailed report from me, highlighting areas for improvement and suggestions on how to refine your approach for better outcomes.

Online now!                 Cheers to our future victories in the market!                 ONLINE NOW!
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