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Our packages are designed to empower aspiring traders like you. Follow our simple rules, trade responsibly, and pave the way for success.

Will it be mission Pluto Saturn or will you start with Mars?












One time
  • $5000 Profit target.
  • 5 contracts
  • Minimal 8 trading days
  • 1 Step evaluation
  • ATAS license FREE
  • DXfeed License FREE
  • Realtime L1 & L2 data FREE
  • Exchanges CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX


One time
  • $15.000 Profit target.
  • 15 contracts
  • Minimal 8 trading days.
  • 1 Step evaluation
  • ATAS license FREE
  • DXfeed License FREE
  • Realtime L1 & L2 data FREE
  • Exchanges CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX


One time
  • $25.000 Profit target.
  • 25 contracts
  • Minimal 8 trading days.
  • 1 Step evaluation
  • ATAS license FREE
  • DXfeed License FREE
  • Realtime L1 & L2 data FREE
  • Exchanges CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX

Why joinTFS Funding?

Become a Future Funded Trader

At TFS Funding, we believe in efficiency and growth. Our challenge duration is set at a maximum of 2 months, providing you with a focused and dynamic evaluation period.


To ensure a thorough evaluation, we require a minimum of 8 trading days. This allows us to assess your trading approach over a diverse range of market conditions.


In our evaluation process, we prioritize smart risk management. Your daily drawdown during the evaluation is capped at a disciplined 2%.

future contract calculator

Your maximum drawdown is set at a conservative 4%. This ensures a balanced and controlled approach, empowering you to navigate market fluctuations with resilience.


In our evaluation process, we set the bar for success with a profit target of 10%. Picture this: if you opt for the Mars Challenge starting at $50,000, achieving a profit of $5,000 is your key to unlocking success.


In the TFS Funding evaluation, success is a shared victory. When you triumph, you’ll enjoy an impressive 80% of the profits, with the remaining 20% contributing to the growth of our prop firm.


We distinguish ourselves from the many ''prop firms''.!

Over the years we have built an educational foundation with regard to institutional order flow and supply & demand trading, the force behind TFS.
I believe that the right education is important to have a healthy account, a trading account that you can manage correctly and consistently over a longer period of time according to the right risk parameters.
Profit target
Daily drawdown
Max drawdown
We strive for consistent traders and we believe in this because our foundation is our powerful education. You can find this knowledge within The Whale Order and the indices masterclass course This is an extension of The Whale Order.
I now welcome you to a new era of trading and evaluation prop firm solution TFS Funding!
Our Vision

What sets us apart is our active monitoring of our traders. We recognize and invite the very best among them to trade under TFS Funding.

Our Mission

It's not just a step; it's a gateway to new horizons—Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and beyond. Show us your ability to maintain consistency, and who knows

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How We Work

The Steps you take
funded trader
Subscribe for Evaluation:

Join the TFS Funding community by subscribing for our evaluation. It’s your first step toward unlocking the doors to becoming a Futures Funded Trader.

funded trader
Pass Evaluation Criteria:

Demonstrate your trading skills by achieving a 10% profit within a reasonable 60-day timeframe. Stay disciplined with no more than a 4% drawdown and a commitment to a minimum of 8 trading days.

Receive Your Certificate:

Once you hit that 10% profit target, you’ve successfully passed the evaluation! Congratulations! You’ll receive a certificate recognizing your achievement and marking your transition to the next phase.

funded trader
Become a Futures Funded Trader:

With the certificate in hand, you’re officially a Futures Funded Trader for TFS Funding. Enjoy the benefits of an 80% profit share, marking the beginning of a rewarding journey in the world of futures trading.



Start your evaluation with ATAS!

You can choose the platform ATAS free to complete your evaluation!

Unmatched Order Flow Analysis: ATAS is renowned for its exceptional order flow analysis capabilities. This feature allows traders to see not just the market’s movements but also the underlying factors driving these changes. By understanding the order flow, you can anticipate market trends and make more informed decisions.

More than a platform:

As illustrated in our video, ATAS is more than a platform; it's a partner in your trading journey. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and powerful analytics, ATAS is the ideal choice for traders seeking to elevate their market analysis and strategy development.


Official Partners


This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey and brings a wealth of opportunities and benefits for our customers. As TFS International continues to grow and innovate, this partnership with dxFeed and ATAS aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver exceptional value and service.

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