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Evaluation Process

You will receive them right away. 

Getting funded by TFS Funding is a straightforward process.

Follow these steps:

  1. Pass Evaluation Criteria: Successfully complete the evaluation phase by meeting the specified criteria, including achieving a 10% profit target, maintaining a maximum 4% drawdown, and trading for a minimum of 8 days.

  2. Receive Certificate: Upon successfully meeting the evaluation requirements, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your accomplishment.

  3. Become a Funded Trader: Once you’ve passed the evaluation, you will be officially funded by TFS Funding.


The time it takes to get funded by TFS Funding can vary based on several factors, including your trading performance and how quickly you meet the evaluation criteria.

Generally, here is a basic timeline:

  1. Evaluation Period: The evaluation phase typically lasts for a set number of trading days, often around 8 days. During this period, you need to meet specific criteria, such as achieving a 10% profit target and maintaining a maximum 4% drawdown.

  2. Certificate Issuance: Upon successfully completing the evaluation and meeting all requirements, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your achievement. The issuance of this certificate usually occurs shortly after meeting the criteria.

  3. Funding Approval: Once you’ve received your certificate, the approval process for funding begins. The time it takes for approval can vary, and it depends on the administrative processes of TFS Funding.

    After the evaluation, you’ll proceed to undergo the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, which includes document verification, identity confirmation through a selfie, and address validation. You can conveniently complete the verification in the dashboard. The entire verification and approval process usually takes just a few minutes.

    Once our partner approves your KYC, we’ll generate a customer agreement for you. This agreement will be sent to you, and you can digitally sign it. This step is automated and occurs instantly after the KYC approval.

  4. Access to Funded Account: After approval, you will gain access to your master account, and you can start trading with TFS Funding master account.

While the exact timeline can vary, many traders can progress through these steps within a few weeks. It’s important to note that TFS Funding aims to provide a timely and supportive process for traders looking to get funded.

No, there isn’t a second chance offered in this process. Once the evaluation phase is completed, there isn’t an automatic provision for a free retry. It’s crucial to adhere to the evaluation criteria and guidelines during the initial attempt. If you have specific concerns or questions about your performance, it’s recommended to reach out to the support team for further guidance and clarification.

If you violate any trading objectives, all of your ongoing trades will be liquidated, and any limit or stop orders you’ve set will be voided. Additionally, your account will be transitioned into view-only mode. Within your account dashboard on our website, you’ll be able to identify the specific trading objective(s) you’ve breached, along with the precise timestamp of the breach. Furthermore, we will send you an email notification if we identify any breach of a trading objective.

Once you initiate a futures position, the entry price has the potential to fluctuate daily, which distinguishes it from traditional Forex instruments with fixed entry prices.

Upon passing the evaluation, traders receive a certificate and are eligible for funding from TFS Funding, entering into a new phase as a Futures Funded Trader.

 Yes, you can take multiple evaluations if necessary, each requiring a separate evaluation fee.

TFS Funding recommends a solid educational foundation before starting the evaluation. Traders can choose from various courses to enhance their skills. 

The evaluation phase has a maximum duration of 2 months, providing ample time to meet the profit target and other objectives.

Yes, you are allowed to trade news events, but positions must be closed before the weekend, and no holdings are permitted during weekends.

The evaluation phase includes objectives such as achieving a 10% profit target, maintaining a maximum drawdown of 4%, and actively trading for a minimum of 8 days.

The evaluation process at TFS Funding involves trading in a simulated environment, adhering to specific trading objectives and risk parameters. Successful completion leads to funded trading opportunities.

Level 1 data is included and Level 2 data to.

 TFS Funding does not offer Forex trading, our program is for Futures trading only. However, we highly recommend Foreign Exchange Futures to anyone with a Forex trading background.

You’ll receive your certificate within 1-2 business days.

 Max Drawdown is trailing on its Highest Balance, it signifies that whenever your Current Balance (which includes closed profits and losses) reaches a new peak, your Max Drawdown Limit will adjust accordingly.

For instance:

Imagine John is participating in a Challenge that begins with a $100,000 starting balance, and the Max Drawdown is set at 10%, trailing on the Highest Balance. This means his initial Max Drawdown limit is $90,000.

On the third day of his Challenge, John’s balance (including closed profits and losses) reaches a peak of $102,000. Consequently, his new Max Drawdown limit is now set at $92,000.

If at any point in the future, John achieves a new all-time high in his balance, let’s say $104,000, the Max Drawdown limit will once again trail upwards, this time reaching $94,000.

In summary:

  • Current Equity includes unrealized profits and losses from open trades.
  • Current Balance includes realized profits and losses from closed trades.
The Consistency Goal is a key metric for TFS Funding that assesses a trader’s capacity to secure regular profits while effectively managing risk during our evaluations. To successfully complete our evaluations, the profit earned on your best day (your highest profit day) must not exceed 50% of your designated profit goal. Should your highest profit day meet or surpass 50% of your profit objective, you must persist in trading until the percentage of your highest profit day relative to your total profit falls below the 50% mark. What’s the Ideal Profit for Your Best Day? Given that your best day’s profit needs to be below 50% of your profit target, we advise setting a daily profit goal beneath this threshold. This strategy helps secure profits consistently, avoid excessive trading, and demonstrate steady performance. If your best day’s profit is 50% or more of your profit goal, you’ll need to generate additional profits. With this strategy in mind, we suggest keeping your daily profits for your Best Day below the following amounts based on your account size:
  • For a $50K account, aim for less than $2,500.
  • For a $150K account, aim for less than $7,500.
  • For a $250K account, aim for less than $12,500.
How Do We Calculate This? The Consistency Goal is calculated by comparing your best day’s profit against the overall profit of your account. As long as your Best Day profit remains under 50% of your profit target, you meet the necessary criteria. This calculation is visible on your dashboard, showing as the Best Day’s percentage of Total Profit. Calculation example for a $50K account: If your Best Day profit is $1500 and your Total Profit is $3200, the calculation is 46,9%. This demonstrates that achieving the Consistency Goal is possible within as few as two days, provided each day’s profit stays below 50% of the total profits and meets the profit target. Why is this important? Consistency is crucial for long-term account growth. The Consistency Goal evaluates a trader’s skill in achieving steady profits and managing risks, allowing for sustainable growth and professional advancement in trading. If your dashboard indicates the need for additional profits, it means your best-day profit equals or exceeds 50% of your total profits, necessitating extra earnings to demonstrate consistency. This record will be part of your account history. To prevent an increased profit target, your daily profit goal should align with the recommended best day figures listed.   Profit Percentage Calculator
Profit Percentage Calculator

You can implement this rule by closely monitoring your account balance throughout the trading day. It’s crucial to adjust position sizes and trading strategies to stay within the specified limits.

Risk-reward ratios compare the potential profit to the potential loss in a trade. To calculate it, divide the potential profit by the potential loss. You can also use out tool to calculate the contracts. Here!
Futures Contract Calculator

Potential Profit: $0

Potential Loss: $0

Margin is the amount of money that you need to open/keep a contract.

Theorically margin is defined by the exchange, but since they are high, usually brokers have two different type of margin:

  • Maintenance/overnight margins: it is the amount of money required to keep a position overnight, usually it is the margin defined by exchange
  • Intraday margin: amout of money required for open a contract during the session. Usually they are 10%/25% of maintenance margin

At the moment we have just one margin that you can define.

It works on the following way:

  1. Start situation: None positions open, balance 5.000$. Suppose that margin required for open a contract of ES is 1.000$. Since the account is flat, the available margin is 5.000$
  2. User buy 2 contracts of ES. Balance is always 5.000$, but available margins become 5.000 – (2 contracts * margin required) = 3.000$. It means that now user cannot buy more than 3 contracts anymore
  3. User buy other 3 contracts. Available margin become 0 since all balance is used for covering margin required. User cannot buy anymore, he can just close existing contract.

Want to know more? Read this blog! 

When you buy or sell a futures contract, you’re not required to pay the full value of the contract upfront. Instead, the broker requires you to deposit an initial margin, a fraction of the total contract value, to open the position. This initial margin acts as collateral to cover any losses that might occur while holding the position.

Thus, leverage in futures trading is created by allowing you to control a large amount of the underlying asset or financial instruments with a relatively small investment (the margin). This structure amplifies the potential for both profit and loss, as price movements in the underlying asset have a magnified effect on your return, either positively or negatively.

Funded Accounts

The KYC (Know Your Customer) process is a set of procedures designed to verify the identity, authenticity, and suitability of individuals engaging in financial transactions or services. In the context of TFS Funding, the KYC process involves the following steps:

  1. Document Verification: Traders are required to submit relevant documents, such as identification cards, passports, or other government-issued IDs. These documents are reviewed to ensure accuracy and legitimacy.

  2. Selfie Confirmation: As part of the KYC process, traders need to confirm their identity by submitting a selfie. This helps ensure that the person submitting the documents is the same person engaging in the trading activities.

  3. Address Validation: Traders need to provide proof of their address, which can include utility bills or official correspondence. This step is crucial for confirming the trader’s residential information.

The funded account, is a DEMO account.

All our accounts, including the funding account, are DEMO accounts and we connect the account to our risk management mainframe so. This makes life easier on the compliance side of the business for both parties because there is no need for a Trade/Fund Management license for the trader.

Yes, you have the flexibility to hold trades during news events but not over the weekend in the futures evaluation with TFS Funding. Unlike some traditional markets, the futures market allows for continuous trading, including during news releases.

This means you can keep your positions open during major economic announcements or events. However, it’s important to note that trading during such periods can involve increased volatility and potential price gaps. Traders should exercise caution and consider the impact of news events on their open positions.

It’s advisable to stay informed about upcoming economic events and news releases, as these can significantly influence market dynamics. Risk management strategies should be applied to mitigate potential risks associated with holding positions during volatile periods. Always be aware of the specific rules and guidelines outlined by TFS Funding to ensure compliance with their evaluation requirements.

The specific capital amount you will manage depends on the evaluation program you choose and successfully complete.

We offer different evaluation levels with varying capital sizes. 

Keep in mind that successful completion of evaluation objectives and demonstrating consistent profitability are key factors in determining the capital size you may manage.

We prioritize responsible trading over excessive profit goals, and as such, we’ve implemented risk limit rules instead of a profit target on your Funded account. These rules include a 2% Daily Loss Limit and a Maximum Loss Limit set at 4% of your initial balance.

Daily Loss Limit: The Maximum Daily Loss is the permissible daily loss, calculated as a percentage of the higher value between equity and balance. It’s based on the daily equity, derived from the floating Profit and Loss (PnL) and closed positions, ensuring it doesn’t exceed the set limit. This limit resets daily at 00:00 CE(S)T/server.

Maximum Loss Limit: This rule ensures your equity or balance doesn’t fall below 4% of the initial account size.

Hold Trades During News & Over the Weekend: You have the flexibility to keep trades open during news events on the Funded account.

If any deductions lead to breaching the daily loss limit or maximum loss limit, the trader is accountable for the violation.

Keep in mind: YOUR IDEAS, OUR RISK. To secure funding and thrive as a trader, genuine skills and an authentic trading approach are indispensable. There’s no shortcut or workaround – you cannot cheat your way in. Success comes from a commitment to mastering the craft.

Payouts at our proprietary trading firm are processed every 14 days.

Our payout schedule follows a bi-weekly cycle. Typically, payouts are processed on a specific day every two weeks, and traders should receive their earnings shortly thereafter.

We have minimum payout thresholds from $1000.

Ensure your request meets the minimum withdrawal amount of $1,000.

Yes, there is a monthly cost of $43.50, which covers the data and you have also the platform fees for using the trading platform with a funded account.


Yes, we do!

We have designed three distinct evaluation accounts to cater to various levels of trading expertise and goals: Mars 50k, Saturnus 150k, and Pluto 250k. Each account has specific rules regarding monthly fees, activation fees, contract sizing, drawdown limits, and payout structures to suit different trading strategies and risk management preferences.

For a detailed overview of each account’s rules, including information on pricing, contract limits, drawdown and loss limits, payout eligibility, frequency, profit splits, and withdrawal conditions, please click the following link: Detailed Funded Account Program Rules

This link will guide you to comprehensive information on how the funded program works, helping you choose the right evaluation account that aligns with your trading ambitions and capabilities. 

Evaluation Platforms

For Futures Challenges the trading platforms we currently support are ATAS and Volumetrica.


To start trading on your Futures Challenge, the only thing you need to do is Accept DX FEED terms and conditions and Download any of our supported platforms.

While Ninja Trader is not currently supported, we are continuously exploring opportunities to incorporate additional trading platforms. 

Once you’ve purchased one of our Challenges, you’ll gain access to your Dashboard. From this central hub, you can conveniently download any of our supported trading platforms.

We do not allow platform changes once a Futures Challenge has commenced. It’s important to note that the rules and conditions of the challenge, including the choice of trading platform, are set for the duration of the challenge. 

After purchasing a Futures Challenge, you will discover the ATAS download link conveniently located on your Dashboard. 

After purchasing a Futures Challenge, you will discover the Volumetrica VOLsys download link conveniently located on your Dashboard. 

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General Questions

Trade on your terms and unleash your trading style with flexibility. You can employ an “EA,” and hold positions during news events.  At TFS Funding, we want you to have the freedom to trade the way that suits you best.

However, it’s essential to note that certain trading activities aimed at exploiting  inefficiencies are strictly prohibited. These include practices such as gap trading, high-frequency trading, server spamming, latency arbitrage, toxic trading flow, hedging, long-short arbitrage, reverse arbitrage, tick scalping, server execution, and opposite account trading.

Additionally, engaging in copy trading or allowing a third-party vendor to manage your account will also lead to account termination when associated with TFS Funding.

Traders ages 18 and up can earn a Funded Account.

Risk Disclaimer: TFS Funding solely provides simulated trading accounts for participants in our Evaluation Programs. All trading conducted within these programs is entirely hypothetical. The materials and data presented on our website are intended solely for educational purposes and should not be taken as investment advice. Additionally, past performance is not indicative of future results, and trading involves inherent risks. We urge you to seek advice from a certified financial advisor if you have any doubts about trading.

Our website is managed by TFS International BV, which is registered under the number 83152326, with the official address at Platinaweg 25, 2544EZ ‘s-Gravenhage.

TFS Funding is a part of the TFS International BV.

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