You probably want to have at least some idea of how much you actually want to make (or lose) trading, if you are thinking of beginning trading currencies through forex trading. You have so many dreams about your career and realistic expectations when you just enter the Forex market. You know it’s the world’s largest investment trade market and you can make money. But it’s a market where a person can make endless profits but it doesn’t mean you can generate millions of profit overnight.

Most retailers have unrealistic expectations for the global market. You have to realize that Forex trading is like running a business. At the end of the month, all most successful businessmen throughout the world evaluate their own way. When it comes to the forex market, you have to build a rational expectation of how much you can make, instead of looking for a 100 percent profit in forex from your account size. Take the time and calculate everything you need because it saves the capital of your trading in the long term. It is a great achievement for you as a new retail trader if you can still secure a profit of 10 percent annually.

Forex trading should not be an expensive way to achieve success; time, practice and commitment are needed to achieve this. You can have a successful career in the foreign trade market if you monitor your trading activities, maintain strategies and practice your business to improve your skills. Knowing how the forex market fluctuates is vital to your success in your trading career. Overestimating profit can result to break and you can give up your potentially lucrative forex trading career early on, and underestimate your strategy by missing a potentially fatal mistake.

Many traders believe that a combination of good management of capital and a good strategy can lead to high returns. However, most Forex traders can also lose heavily, because they don’t have sufficient initial capital to achieve a possible next win. The average monthly return for Forex is between 10 to 20 % for most professional traders(TFS Traders) per month. Remember, if you make an insufficient effort to learn how to use the different kinds of analysis and high-quality tools used by professional traders, you will not get close to the return on your investment.

In general, smart forex traders who closely monitor fluctuations in markets will expect to make a 10% to 20% return every month through Forex. However, such profits are always entirely dependent upon a trader’s ability to protect his funds, continuously adjust its trading approach as new information becomes available and never overtrade in the accidental losses.


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