Most traders spend time studying how to identify trends or reversals on the chart without reflecting on what those trends or reversals are causing. There are various factors affecting currencies on different TF time frames and it is often difficult to decide the most significant one at any point in time, even though many investors believe in the superiority of one or another factor. You should have, at least, a clear understanding of basic mechanisms to get an idea of the relation between the factors and the price action on different TF time frames.

Forex is not an easy exchange. This kind of thought will easily, eat away from your end result. Fortunately, there are ways of understanding each of the economic and political affecting currency. Currency prices are not changing constantly. Moreover, many stock traders find value in foreign exchange markets because they are related to similar main factors that generate different volatility levels, such as supply and demand.

Supply and demand play the most significant role in forex trading. All the market changes that you see on the chart, whether the market goes high or low clearly shows you the supply and demand forces are at work. Simply, if an item has a big price increase in demand if an item price falls oversupply. If there’s a demand for a currency, it basically means there are a lot more buyers than sellers and hence the propensity to drive up the price. When there is less competition for a pair of currencies (which means there are more sellers than buyers) then the price drop.

Supply and Demand trading strategy is one of the best working techniques in Forex. So how to read the confirmation levels of the supply break demand area to make a decision on any trade we’ve made while trading. Actually supply & demand is the center of forex or any other market economy’s main function, as the trade of services and products for economic value. The level of supply and demand is slightly different from the level of support and resistance. Supply & demand has two zones with a minimum of two lines that covered this point. These two lines have a small gap area that we can enter at the level by calling with a supply or demand zone.

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