One thing many profitable traders seem to have in common is a powerful sense of self-confidence that can’t be shaken easily even if they’re doing a few losing trades. In addition, having a high degree of confidence in their ability to adapt to new situations enables them to be more flexible as traders, which can be a very useful trait when dealing with the frequently changing forex market. Traders with a higher degree of self-confidence often appear to be more daring, because they are able to make mistakes in order to learn from them and turn the initial loss into future profits.

Not only are some traders often able to find new ways of making money from the market, but they are willing to take the requisite risks to do so. Having low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in your abilities as a forex trader, on the other hand, can impede successful risk-taking. Finally, a low degree of confidence can lead a trader to affirm that attitude by losing money. The confident and disciplined mindset of a trader is perhaps the most important determinant of their success as traders and, according to some professional estimates, accounts for as much as 80 percent of their potential for success.

The market is a minefield and a lack of belief in your trading results will bring a serious dent. Because of low confidence, traders often develop problems that pull the trigger, anxiety, stress, and severe mental pressure when faced with entering, handling, and exiting trades. You will never make money as a trader if you try to trade from an unconfident mentality that creates constant problems like these, so if you think you’ve got any of the symptoms just described, it’s time to step back and get your act together or stop playing the game altogether.

The question is often asked how long it takes to achieve consistent profitability in trading. It will happen relatively rapidly for some people while it will take longer for others. How long it will be for you will be affected by such factors as the time period you trade and your tolerance of personal base risk. Don’t try to compare it to others. Go ahead at your own pace. If you’re committed to doing it the right way, improving as a trader, and being careful in your acts, you’ll, at last, get to where you can trade with trust.

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