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Bank Holidays in Forex Market

Bank Holidays

Banks are the main players in forex trading as banks account for a major portion of forex market turnover. Forex trading has succeeded in attracting a large number of people, and they invest in forex. We exchange currencies in forex trading, and make money from them. Forex market remains because of global trade and extremely competitive market place because we import / export goods from all over the world and then charge for those goods which are mostly in various currencies and we don’t even realize we are trading in forex.

Due to its 24-hour availability and liquidity, the Forex market is unique, meaning it can be swiftly turned back to money. Experts typically discourage traders from doing business on bank holidays, because there would be little to no liquidity when banks are closed. It’s off Saturday and Sunday but it’s recommended you don’t trade from midnight on Friday. Very few people trade during holidays because the market is shifting rapidly, and it’s already late before you even know and respond to doing anything. In particular, bank holidays have a significant effect on forex trading due to the fact that when banks are closed during holidays, there is very little chance of achievement.

The analysis is a vital part of forex trading, you can evaluate various situations, i.e. economic, political, etc. before trading, but people sometimes fail to recognize bank holidays which are often a big cause for their loss. Forex market consists of central banks, commercial companies, hedge funds, investment firms, retail forex traders, and investors all over the world; and it is safer to sell when the market is most competitive and has the highest number of trades.

The FX market is open every day of the year, but many banks are not, so full services and benefits will not be available to them. There’s still almost no brokers open on holidays. During bank holidays volume tends to be thin, especially banks in America and Canada.

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