Finding supply and demand  Zones Structure is the basis for the trade-in supply and demand. As markets move dramatic rises and falls, orders usually issued by large institutional and investors. They put pending orders at the base of the liquidity zones to buy or sell, with the hope that the market will return to fill the remaining orders. The demand zone is a high price increase zone and the supply zone is the one where the price made a sharp decline.

In the below pictures you can see the bearish structure change to bullish structure this is because of the strong demand zone and as you can see on the lower time frame the price is rejected much time it mean the seller is getting weaker while the buyer has more potential on the market. so the price will go higher to the next supply zone which is mention in the below picture.

The price gets confirmed by a strong bull after the many rejections and the price move rapidly and price break over the zone and the whole momentum change to the buyer. You need to close the order when the price is entered into the supply zone because from that zone the price can be drop so you close the order before the price drop.


Supply and Demand tradingSupply and Demand Structure


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