10 Trading Tips You Need to know for 2020

10 Trading Tips You Need to know for 2020


The first Forex trading tip covers the news and the economic calendar. For every trader, an economic calendar is an essential tool. Economics news has an impact on the markets, regardless of whether short-term traders or long-term swing traders. You can find news and news from Investing.com or Forexfactory.com calendar. It is published the exact time the news arrives. For example, Trading strategies can be based on the data.


For beginners and advanced traders, the demo trading account is very important to test a trading strategy, platforms, etc. It’s a virtual balance account which imitates real trading money. The conditions are similar. The demo trading account enables the trader to trade safely with no risk. Many beginners trader begin with real money trading too quickly. We strongly encourage you to first practise with your demo account until you are profitable and secure. Furthermore, execution of orders must be carried out and the trading platform familiar to prevent serious mistakes. Any broker may open a demo account.


You can become a successful trader with information and knowledge. Starting with the basics is important.  The terms are usually not even understood correctly and you do not understand what you are doing. Forex Trading must be developed from the beginning as a foundation. You need to begin with complete basic knowledge. For instance, many brokers offer. trading books, Webinars, coaching, and more. This is an excellent way to update your knowledge.


This is probably the trader’s most affordable trading tip. Trading charges can be added to the year, so you definitely have to look for a reliable and cheap broker. The broker should also be reputable and trustworthy. Any beginner finds it difficult to decide which broker is really good because of the extra possibilities. Be careful of the official regulations and services provided to the trader.
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Before each trade, the risk has to be planned and defined by the stop. There are several losses in a row involved in the trade. One should, therefore, use meaningful risk management to avoid damaging one’s account too much.  You will quickly destroy your trading account and that doesn’t really make sense.


Many traders are starting to trade in poor condition. For instance, if you are sick or stressed at work, you should not trade. Your body should rest because you have to concentrate fully on trade. Avoid distractions as well. The smartphone can disturb you during the trading process.  Trading means making money and each trader wants to make the best of it. Therefore, you should concentrate fully on performance.


There are hundreds of functioning Forgin exchange trading strategies. The major mistake of these traders is that they do not consistently follow these trading strategies. The strategy must be followed up step by step in order to achieve the best result. The trader is almost machine-like and rules are implemented. For Forex trading, a set of rules is most important. The guidelines for the trading strategy are described. The trader will probably fail without a set of defined rules.



The most important Take profit and stop loss are automatic limits which end the position automatically at any price. Then the trade is closed. In the case of profit or loss, this happens. Stop loss is the key tool to hedge a Forex trader risk. It is absolutely not recommended to trade without stop loss and this can lead to a high loss of capital.


We have not yet found a stable signal service in more than 10 years of experience in Forex trading. It is a rip-off and the signal does not work in 100% of cases. Beginners are mainly concerned with signals and sometimes automatic trading systems. Ask yourself: Why should anyone give you profitable and preferably free signals? It doesn’t work! They either want to get high fees off you or earn money from you.


A Forex trader should know his market definitely. This includes important foreign exchange opening hours. Some of the markets may be tradable 24 hours per day electronically, but trade hours play an important role in trading. During hours of trading, liquidity and volatility increase. Furthermore, the movements are less algorithmically controlled. This must be taken care of by the trader.
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What is Realistic Goals in Forex Trading?

What is Realistic Goals in Forex Trading?

In a short span, the majority of beginner traders want to earn a lot of money and think Forex is an attractive option. You may have many doubts and concerns about how Forex works, how to construct strategies, what types of realistic goals to set and more when starting trading online. It is important to know the market before you start trading. But the important thing is to set goals. It is important to define targets as they avoid overtrading and prevent losses. If the targets are calculated in accordance with a number of criteria, traders may find it easier to ensure that enough income is earned.

Goals are important! Not only are they hopes and desires, but they also ambitions a link between fact and ideal. Once you set a target, you face facts by acknowledging the need to deal with your shortcomings or perhaps to actually satisfy the urge to do better. When making a substantial effort to achieve success, targets keep you on track when you see that small things will make a big difference in the long term. All types of goals lead to improving and shaping your forex trading skills so you learn to trade properly.

As a beginner trader, your account is a realistic goal as a learning activity and not just for benefit. Practice as much as you can to stop losing the money to make success easier and longer-term. Whether you are new or an experienced trader, you should focus your attention to become a good trader not on your finances, on the flow of trade. The goal is more important to an unconscious mind because, as opposed to the money and income that so many traders cling to, you need to teach yourself to concentrate on the trading agreement, price action, and the overall map.

You are taught in business school that a business plan is needed to start a company. Forex Trading is a business. Therefore you have to trade according to a comprehensive and well-established plan every time you trade. The strategy will include the entry, closure, and management of the money. The strategy should be extremely detailed and identify the markets that are traded, the risk thresholds, whether filters are used for trading signals, the trading and exit signals, their position size, which markets are traded and how they are to be defined, e.g. their range or trend. The goal is to create a comprehensive plan before entering into another trade.

Be a niche trader that focuses on very few achievable goals when starting. Results of trading will come in time if you trade under trading plans, and not if there are no opportunities. As a common rule, goals should be defensive in the forex market. In other words, instead of trying to earn extra money, you will have to concentrate on protecting the capital you have. Make money a natural by-product of the method you create. It’s all right to set financial gain targets, but only after the process has been completed. Going into this later stage of the setting of goals too fast will make your trade career highly disruptive

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Why You Need Forex Market Strategy?

Why You Need Forex Market Strategy?

Regardless of which currencies you consciously trade, you will face a competitive market that will be filled with ever-changing prices, fees, costs, commissions, and spreads. It is crucial for anyone who wants to survive and thrive in the Forex trading world to have a pre-tested and adaptable trading strategy. Your actual trading strategy will be largely down to your level of skill, capital, and risk attitude. Either way, however, when it comes to market approach, the importance of having a Forex Market strategy is something that will never be underestimated.

It is doubtful that it will be profitable to make financial decisions based on gut feelings. It’s why so many of successful traders are experimenting with various systems and strategies to help them decide. Forex trading is like doing away with the losing trades and making more profitable ones. Thanks to proven Forex trading strategy, this is largely achieved. Using such strategies, a Forex trader develops a set of rules for himself to help make the most of Forex trading. Often, traders are going to rely on trading strategies that have not been thoroughly tested, setting up for failure. The reality is, you can spend hours and days searching the right strategy throughout the internet and find no luck.

Sure, you can make Forex trading money if you’re a beginner Forex trader and you get into Forex trading right away, you must be very careful not to let your ego overtake you. In the short term, you can make money trading currencies, but this will soon lead to bad psychology and discipline trading issues, and you will end up blowing up your Forex trading account. Only through experience can good trading discipline, psychology, and humility be achieved. You have to have a strategy in place to be successful in Forex trading that you have to follow.

Traders can use different Forex strategies, including technical analysis or fundamental analysis. A successful Forex trading strategy allows a trader to analyze the market and conduct sound risk management strategies in a confident manner. In order to formulate a trading strategy that works for you, Forex trading requires multiple factors. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand and be comfortable with the strategy. Each trader has unique goals and resources that need to be taken into account when choosing an appropriate strategy.

It may be useful to compare how much time commitment is needed behind the screen when deciding a trading strategy to follow, the risk-reward ratio and the regularity of trading opportunities. Depending on personal characteristics, each trading strategy will appeal to different traders. It will ultimately allow traders to take the first step in the right direction by matching trading personality with the appropriate strategy. The Forex Traders have at their disposal a wide variety of strategies to try to interpret price movement and taking advantageous of trading positions. Many traders may almost exclusively use a particular approach, while others may use a combination or hybrid version of the above strategies. While none is assured to work all the time, traders can find it useful to get acquainted with many strategies to develop an arsenal of available tools to adapt to changing market conditions.

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Where to enter into a Supply and Demand trade?

Where to enter into a Supply and Demand trade?

Where to enter into a Supply and Demand trade?

A good entry point is very important when trading.
If you step in at the wrong time, you can unnecessarily lose a lot of money, which ultimately would not have been necessary at all.
In this blog I will therefore give you some tips on how you can recognize a good entry point in supply and demand forex trading.
If you practice this properly you will automatically see the correct entry points for every trade.
Very often I get the question where people should get into a trade and it doesn’t have to be difficult just train your eyes!

Let’s take a look at the following chart.
Here you can see the EUR / USD chart.
Here is the price not yet where I could see a possible entry.
But I did explain how I look at it! Just be patient now.

Supply And Demand Forex Trading

In the following example you also see a few nice entry points.
On Supply and Demand Forex Trading, I would personally only use the first and second touch.
Then you see that the price bounces off the Supply zone next candle would be my entry point in this case.
My stop loss will always be some pips above the zone.

Supply And Demand Forex Trading

And here is a final example about a Demand zone.
Do you also see those beautiful entries as I see them?
Of course you can’t immediately take every rejection, there are some other rules that you should definitely pay attention to.
This I explain to you all in my course it is just too much information to tell in just one blog.

Supply And Demand Forex Trading

Oh and I did not state my stop loss here, but if you have paid attention, you now know where I would put my stop loss in this trade.

Yes you already know?

Yes, of course, slightly under the zone!

Do you want to know everything about the trading of Supply and Demand and everything you need to pay attention to?
Then you should definitely follow the Supply and Demand course at the member zone, where I will explain all the secrets to you very well! Sign up to get the Best Forex Training Course.
And don’t forget to send in your homework, of course, so that I can follow if you are on the right track!

“The best thing to do is prepare. If you don’t, on behalf of the other market participants, we thank u!”
Want to know more about trading in forex / trader mindset or do you want to join the forex group?
The forex group is mainly English!
Please contact me so that I can explain you much more about what we have to offer.
And all your questions can be verbs.

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Support/Resistance Demand/Supply – The difference.

Support/Resistance Demand/Supply – The difference.

I often get the question what the difference is between Support and Resistance and Supply and Demand.
Or people who ask me but Support and Resistance and Supply and Demand are the same right?
I will explain the biggest differences in this blog a bit to you.

Support and resistance levels and Supply and Demand levels are 2 different trading concepts that are very similar.
They both indicate points where the price can reverse.
And you can find them both everywhere on the charts.
I think the big difference between the two is that Support and resistance often works on historical levels
and Supply and Demand especially on fresh levels.

Where Support and Resistance is particularly strong in multiple touches of the Support and resistance line.
So the more often the price has responded to that line, the stronger the level.
Usually the Support and resistance is also drawn by means of the highest or the lowest point  in the market.

Support and Resistance


At Supply and Demand this is very different again.
At Supply and Demand you mainly look for fresh new zones.
And you can often only use it up to three times.

In Supply and demand we have different patterns on which we make our base.
-RBR (Rally Base Rally)
-RBD (Rally Base Drop)
-DBD (Drop Base Drop)
-DBR (Drop Base Rally)

Supply and demand zones are therefore not only based on the highest or lowest point of the market.

Supply and Demand

I hope you now understand the biggest difference between these two terms.
In my new course in the member zone I will of course go into more detail about this,
and after the course you know exactly how you can trade the best Support / Resistance and Supply / Demand levels.


Want to know more about trading in forex or do you want to join the forex group?
Please contact me so that I can explain you much more about what we have to offer.

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Best Supply and Demand Forex Trading Platform

Best Supply and Demand Forex Trading Platform

What is Supply and Demand Forex?

What exactly is supply and demand Forex? Supply is actually the amount that is available and demand is the amount that is requested. If you think about Supply and Demand, it is actually very simple.

Just imagine that you sell bananas from your own farm on a local market. And you do not necessarily have to sell all your bananas.
Because you can eat them just as easily as anyone who buys them from you.

Supply and Demand Forex

If bananas reach only 1 dollar per bag, you may be willing to sell 4 or 5 bags. But if the price rises, you decide to make more available. Up to 10 dollars per bag. At that moment you are more than willing to sell every last banana you have. Just because you can easily take all the money you have made and buy something else to eat.

How do you draw Supply and Demand Forex?

Supply and Demand Trading describes 2
types of zone entry’s that are ‘Sell at Supply Zones’ and ‘Buy at Demand Zones’.
There are 3 rules in trading Supply and Demand forex.

  1. Always look to the left.
  2. Sell at Supply Zone.
  3. Buy at Demand Zone.

Below is an example of Drop Base Drop. Drop Base Drop is a type of supply
zone for a setup for a sell.
The bullish Candle (BASE) that tries to withstand prices on
the base produces good buying and selling areas here.
So price will return at the spot and continue with the DROP price direction.

Forex Trading Platform

I often draw my supply and demand zones on an undecided candle. Often this works well for me and my supply and demand forex zones are fairly accurate.

best Forex Trading Platform for beginners

Above is an example of Rally Base Rally.
Rally Base Rally is a type of demand
zone for a buy setup.
The bearish Candle (The Base) that tries to withstand prices on
the base produces good buying and selling areas here.
So when price return at the base the price is in balance and continue with the RALLY price direction.

Supply and Demand Forex Trade

Of course there are many more ways to trade with supply and demand. Everything about this in my book.
And maybe I’ll write another blog here another time.
It is too much explanation to give in 1 blog.
Below are a few important points that should not be forgotten:

Important that you must know to trade Supply And Demand
Rally= Buyer exceed Seller
Drop= Seller exceed Buyer
Base= Seller and buyer are equal to each other.

Supply and Demand Forex Online

Want to know more about trading in forex or do you want to join the forex group?

Please contact me so that I can explain you much more about what we have to offer.

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