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crude oil futures rollover dates

Crude oil futures rollover dates

If you trade a lot crude oil then you know that a rollover takes place once a month and you will also know that you should certainly not be in the oil market 1 day before and after.
In this blog I will therefore talk about what exactly the rollover is and why you should pay attention when it takes place.

Crude oil future rollover dates.

Crude oil future rollover dates refer to the process of closing out existing positions in a particular crude oil futures contract. And simultaneously opening a new position in the next available contract with a later expiration date.
This process typically occurs on a regular schedule, known as the rollover date.

Rollover dates are important to traders and investors who hold positions in crude oil futures.
As they provide an opportunity to extend their exposure to the underlying asset without having to take physical delivery of the oil.
By rolling over their positions, traders can continue to participate in the price movements of crude oil futures contracts over an extended period of time.


The exact timing of crude oil future rollover dates can vary depending on the exchange where the futures contract is traded. But they generally occur on a monthly or quarterly basis.
For example, the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) typically rolls over its crude oil futures contracts on the third to last business day of the month prior to the contract’s expiration.

Traders who wish to roll over their positions will need to take action before the rollover date.
As the exchange will automatically close out all open positions in the expiring contract at the end of the trading day.
To avoid this, traders can either manually close out their positions in the expiring contract and open a new position in the next contract.
Or they can use an automated trading system that will perform the rollover for them.

crude oil futures rollover dates

It’s important to note that rollover dates can have an impact on the liquidity and price of crude oil futures contracts.
As the rollover date approaches, traders may start to shift their positions to the next available contract.
Which can cause increased trading activity and volatility in both the expiring and new contracts.

In conclusion crude oil futures rollover dates.

In conclusion, it refer to the process of closing out existing positions in a futures contract and opening a new position in the next available contract. These dates typically occur on a regular schedule.
And traders who wish to roll over their positions will need to take action before the rollover date.
Understanding rollover dates is important for traders who wish to participate in the price movements of crude oil futures contracts over an extended period of time.

Don’t trade the rollover.

So it’s generally not recommended to trade crude oil futures contracts one day before and one day after the rollover date. This is because during this period, there can be increased volatility and reduced liquidity.
In both the expiring and new contracts.

As traders roll over their positions from the expiring contract to the new contract, they may adjust their positions or close them out entirely.
Causing price fluctuations and potentially wider bid-ask spreads.
Additionally, the reduced liquidity can make it more difficult for traders to enter or exit positions at desirable prices.

Therefore, many traders choose to sit out of the market during this time, and wait until the increased volatility and reduced liquidity have subsided before trading again. It’s important to note that this is a general guideline, and traders should always conduct their own analysis and risk management before making any trading decisions.

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