10 Trading Tips You Need to know for 2020

10 Trading Tips You Need to know for 2020


The first Forex trading tip covers the news and the economic calendar. For every trader, an economic calendar is an essential tool. Economics news has an impact on the markets, regardless of whether short-term traders or long-term swing traders. You can find news and news from Investing.com or Forexfactory.com calendar. It is published the exact time the news arrives. For example, Trading strategies can be based on the data.


For beginners and advanced traders, the demo trading account is very important to test a trading strategy, platforms, etc. It’s a virtual balance account which imitates real trading money. The conditions are similar. The demo trading account enables the trader to trade safely with no risk. Many beginners trader begin with real money trading too quickly. We strongly encourage you to first practise with your demo account until you are profitable and secure. Furthermore, execution of orders must be carried out and the trading platform familiar to prevent serious mistakes. Any broker may open a demo account.


You can become a successful trader with information and knowledge. Starting with the basics is important.  The terms are usually not even understood correctly and you do not understand what you are doing. Forex Trading must be developed from the beginning as a foundation. You need to begin with complete basic knowledge. For instance, many brokers offer. trading books, Webinars, coaching, and more. This is an excellent way to update your knowledge.


This is probably the trader’s most affordable trading tip. Trading charges can be added to the year, so you definitely have to look for a reliable and cheap broker. The broker should also be reputable and trustworthy. Any beginner finds it difficult to decide which broker is really good because of the extra possibilities. Be careful of the official regulations and services provided to the trader.
Recommended Broker: ICMarket


Before each trade, the risk has to be planned and defined by the stop. There are several losses in a row involved in the trade. One should, therefore, use meaningful risk management to avoid damaging one’s account too much.  You will quickly destroy your trading account and that doesn’t really make sense.


Many traders are starting to trade in poor condition. For instance, if you are sick or stressed at work, you should not trade. Your body should rest because you have to concentrate fully on trade. Avoid distractions as well. The smartphone can disturb you during the trading process.  Trading means making money and each trader wants to make the best of it. Therefore, you should concentrate fully on performance.


There are hundreds of functioning Forgin exchange trading strategies. The major mistake of these traders is that they do not consistently follow these trading strategies. The strategy must be followed up step by step in order to achieve the best result. The trader is almost machine-like and rules are implemented. For Forex trading, a set of rules is most important. The guidelines for the trading strategy are described. The trader will probably fail without a set of defined rules.



The most important Take profit and stop loss are automatic limits which end the position automatically at any price. Then the trade is closed. In the case of profit or loss, this happens. Stop loss is the key tool to hedge a Forex trader risk. It is absolutely not recommended to trade without stop loss and this can lead to a high loss of capital.


We have not yet found a stable signal service in more than 10 years of experience in Forex trading. It is a rip-off and the signal does not work in 100% of cases. Beginners are mainly concerned with signals and sometimes automatic trading systems. Ask yourself: Why should anyone give you profitable and preferably free signals? It doesn’t work! They either want to get high fees off you or earn money from you.


A Forex trader should know his market definitely. This includes important foreign exchange opening hours. Some of the markets may be tradable 24 hours per day electronically, but trade hours play an important role in trading. During hours of trading, liquidity and volatility increase. Furthermore, the movements are less algorithmically controlled. This must be taken care of by the trader.
Scalping Art in Forex Market

Scalping Art in Forex Market

Scalping is a Forex trading style, which usually after a trade is executed, specializes in benefiting from small price changes. The number of persons who try hands-on day trading and other policies such as scalping art in the forex market has increased with low barriers to entry into the trading world. New traders to scalping must ensure that trading is appropriate for their character because a disciplined approach is necessary. Traders must make rapid choices, find opportunities and monitor the screen continuously. Those who are eager and gratifying are perfect for scalping with their small successful trades.


Scalping’s popularity comes from its perceived security as a trading strategy. Since the position of scalpers remains brief over the ordinary traders, many traders argue that a scalper has a much shorter exposure than an upcoming trend follower or even an over the counter trader and therefore the risk of major loss of strong movements in the market is lower. In fact, it can be claimed that the typical scalper only cares about the spread of the offer, while ideas such as a market trend or range are not important. Although scalpers have to overlook these market phenomena, they are not obliged to trade them because only the short periods of volatility that they generally concern themselves.


Scalping is a Forex trading strategy in which the market trader manages to capture several pipes per trade, dozens of trades per day. Scalpers usually stay for some minutes in trade, bolting as soon as a few pipes are caught in the position. Essentially, small moves on the market benefit scalping. A scalper trader stays only seconds-to-minutes at a time on the market. Forex scalping is the way to make a steady profit by using high leverage of short-term businesses. In general, for each trade, only one to ten pipes are targeted. The main currency pairs are traded in scalping. Most intraday scalpers are generally future players, which means they benefit from small changes in the forex market times.


Scalping trading is not for everyone, because it requires real-time feeds, directly access to a forex broker and the endurance to carry out a vast amount of trade daily. Scalpers use 15 minutes and 1-hour charts to ensure that they are updated to close in real-time. In the busiest times of the day, they often trade with the most liquid pairs to take advantage of fluctuating short-term prices. In spite of the few possible benefits, the risk of losing a lot has been reduced by scalping due to the limited exposure.


For every trader type, the forex scalping strategy is not appropriate. The rates produced by the scalper in each position are generally small, but huge profits are achieved by combining the profits from every small, closed position. Scalpers don’t like to take huge risks. In exchange for their safety of small but frequent profits, they are willing to forget big profits. The scalper, therefore, needs to be a patient and caring person who is prepared to wait as the fruits of his labors translate over time into great profits.


Trading Duration Mistakes of Beginner Trader

Trading Duration Mistakes of Beginner Trader

A lot of people who are beginning to master the Forex market like to choose how much longer to trade? And it’s pretty normal because the mistakes of beginners trader so common and demand for forex operates 24 hours a day. And some quotes change literally once a minute. Most traders think about what is needed to ensure that important moments of currency exchange are not missed?

Most of the new trader wants to trade every five minutes. They think this method would make them millionaires soon. But they’re wrong in this case.

Statistics show that people who are trying to discover the minute chart and open trade agreements will lose their deposits after a while. And 90% of such people are there. The rest is lucky, but it’s safe to say that your investment won’t last very long.

Why is it so unfortunate? Due to psychological unpreparedness and the inability to control your own feelings, this condition develops. Traders working with minute charts should learn to decide correctly and competently. Although, many traders actually overdo their own skills, so that they can’t always make the right choice. But another critical problem exists. Many traders do not understand their rash and mistaken behaviour. There is a way out of every situation in general. It is preferable to restrict yourself to a long-term investment during the initial stages of trade. This will give a trader a more knowledgeable decision.

Even in this situation, though, the trader has to wait for a long time and he puts more pressure on his psyche. It’s worth noting that you’ll be comfortable after a certain time.

Very often, beginner traders work on the Forex markets from its most challenging parts, they go bankrupt immediately. Firstly, it is safer to open a demo account without losing huge money and test both skills and abilities.

You can say if you’ve worked at least one month, whether or not you can trade with Forex successfully.



Possible to Trade Full-Time?

Possible to Trade Full-Time?

Forex trading is a perfect way to add revenue, which is why more and more workers want to get to know the forex market and start trading. Sometimes we think in terms of our normal jobs when we play with the idea of becoming full-time traders. However, if you have ever invested more than a few months, real money or even a demo account, you might have found how hard it is to get consistent returns. Because the markets do not move in such a predictable way, a regular, weekly or monthly payment plan is nearly impossible.


Entering into the forex industries isn’t an easy task, so you have to ensure that you are constantly on the ground if you think trading is a full-time job. If you traded for a while and are happy with the results, perhaps it is time to switch. When you become a forex trader, your strategy will be like that. But you can always build on it if you have a stable base. Making a career move can make even the most trusted characters daunting. Ask yourself, am I willing to make this commitment to grow as an Fx trader?


Forex Trading is really unlikely to compare with your full-time job–the more effort you put on it the more money you will get out. Normally, you may get a slap on your hand if something goes wrong at the workplace but your company’s or the boss are the ones who actually suffer for your mistake. If you meltdown at front of the forex market charts, then nobody will blame you, and you will suffer the full consequences.


Forex Trading is a personal journey, where you have to face and learn to conquer your inner demons before you see any development. Otherwise, your internal devils will be your worst enemy in the markets. Successful forex trading means that you control your risks, control your emotions and control how much you let Forex into your daily life. Fx trading is not something that you can only learn overnight; it is an epic journey of individual growth, which does not stand up to any previous challenge.


Like doctors, pilots and lawyers, before all they do their jobs around the clock, Forex traders should also spend substantial time for institutional forex trading course live before trading forex full-time trader. You must understand your trading forces and weaknesses fairly well and, above all, you must know how to adhere to a trading plan before you do your full-time business. Before you trade in your full time, make sure you are mentally ready to risk real money and retain your business strengths.


Factors that form Market Trends in Forex

Factors that form Market Trends in Forex

To be able to identify patterns is one of the main abilities of a forex trader since it can be very useful in forecasting any forex market. If you’ve decided to join the Forex market you need to know that the patterns in the forecasting sector can be affected and familiarized with many factors that form market trends in forex. Four main factors that influence the trade–the economy, political conditions, consumer dynamics and supply and demand of the region.

The value of the currency of a country fluctuates constantly because its economy is largely affected. It is clear that the economic factors of a country have a major impact on the value of their currencies. The thing is how these factors affect the exchange rates and thus how the economy affects the currency. Keeping the state of currency value and patterns into consideration is an excellent strategy to keep globalization. In the currency market, economic factors primarily affect the concept of supply and demand trading. Some other factors affecting currencies include inflation, interest rates, political stability and economic growth.

In the form of figures, economic indicators tell us about the market situation. It can help to predict future results by analyzing economic indicators. Few common economic indices include GDP, industrial production, unemployment, stock market and the supply of money When a market is following a trend, some economic indicators that shape the market are most likely to demonstrate this. Trends are necessary because they deliver unique profit opportunities. Find some of the main factors that affect developments in the market trends in forex.

Global transactions, the balance of payments and economic strength are more difficult to measure on a daily basis, but they also play a significant role in long-term trends in many different markets. Financial markets show how well the currency and economy of one nation are relative to others. High currency demand means the currency should rise in comparison with other currencies. In how the forex markets work in the region, the value of the currency of the country can also play a role. If the currency of a nation is weak, this will discourage investment in that country as the weak currency erodes potential profits.

In general, patterns are triggered by four main factors: global transactions, supply and demand, government,  and speculation/expectation. Both fields are interconnected, as future expectations shape present decisions and recent decisions from current trends. These things are related. In particular, monetary and fiscal policy have an impact on developments in governments. Such policies affect international transactions and which in turn affect the strength of the economy. Forecasts based on future forecasts are driving speculation and expectations. Finally, supply and demand trading forex shifts generate patterns as market players compete for the best price.


Technical Analysis in Forex ?

Technical Analysis in Forex ?

Technical analysis for Forex trading is one of the main analytical tools to analyze the current market situation through different methods.

Some Basic principles of technical analysis:

  • Price Change: The market is up or down. The latent direction of change in the currency market forms a flat at the intervals between the key movement.
  •  History Repeat itself: In most cases U-turns, drop, fleets have the same level of activity. Many times defined patterns can be replicated and it helps traders to forecast market direction for advance.
  • Everything Affect Price: Emerging economic and political news, economic stability and forex trading market stability, the demand potential of the people will alter price significantly, all of these factors move price.

Some Techniques for researching in technical analysis:

  • Study: Research over the last duration of the price movements of the currency pair (each of them decides for themselves a time frame between 1 week and one month). It helps you to determine the most appropriate value adjustments to open the desired position in the near future and in time to enter the market.
  • Graphical Method: This functions on a price and time basis. Traders use various time periods between a minute and a month. The longer the time on the forex chart, the longer the price change analysis can assess the main trend.
  • Candlestick Method: Japanese candles are the most common method. In a certain time, the principle is to assess the change in prices. Even beginners use candles because they relay the right information. Each price action candlesticks element shows four indicators, which are shown in the candlestick form in the graph. A Japanese candle has a main body, whose boundaries represent the initial opening and closing price. Wick of candles or a shadow indicates the price for the time chosen to have the maximum or minimum value.

The Forex Trader can obtain complete pricing information over the past period and correctly evaluate certain positions on benefit using these methods of technical analysis.
Technical analyzes are reduced to the right time to enter the Forex market. These can be tipping points, even the normal currency pair correction when the pattern happens in the flat when it rises or falls. If price reversal is sharp, the Forex traders use technical and manual analysis to correct loss or benefit and exit the market.


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