Tips on How to Recover from Trading Loss

Tips on How to Recover from Trading Loss

Forex is a volatile trading market that will put you in a see-saw ride where you will see a huge profit one day and a devastating loss the other day. But one thing to note here is that you are not the only one facing these challenges. Trading losses are common in Forex. While you can’t avoid them in the first place, you can always do your best to recover from a trading loss in a profitable manner. This is one trait that forex mentors have that make them stand out from the rest.

One of the first few things that a forex trader needs to realize is that they won’t have a continuous winning streak. They will end up losing sooner or later. The nature of forex trading can’t be avoided.

As a trader, when you gain forex trading education, you should look to maximize gains while minimizing losses. However, the system is made in such a way that the trader loses eventually. A forex mentor knows how to experience their fair share of losses. On the other hand, novice traders can get disheartened quickly. This is very prominent when they lose a large sum of money. We give you some steps through which you can recover from a trading loss :

  • Control your immediate response
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Taking ownership of the trade
  • Never forgetting where you started
  • Considering the future

Control your immediate response

This point involves a trader remembering to stay patient. This also requires him to not to panic when facing a loss, even if it’s the first time or not. One should note that a big trade does incur big losses. And by no means, it means that they will lose everything. The key here is to try to minimize loss and your concentration should be focused on the same. As a trader or a forex mentor, you should not throw in all of your money to try and get out of a bad trade if it’s a failure. Sometimes, it is better to absorb the fact that you lost and continue using a small amount of money. You should never panic and remain patient all the time. When you control your immediate response, you will tend to think wisely and might be able to extend your trading journey.

Learning from your mistakes

When you lose something, you should understand the facts that made it happen. When you learn from your mistakes or understand the reasons why a Forex Trader fails, you tend to make them less often. As far as trading is concerned, you may incur losses due to two prime reasons. The first one is the emotional loss that happens as you get emotional and trade more than you can handle. This may also happen if you are over-confident. The second one is the normal statistical loss which is just normal. Even if you make all things right, you may end up losing and as a trader, you can’t win all the time. Perfection is a myth and such is true in forex trading.

Taking ownership of the trade

This step is an important one. This is the part where the trader assesses the way he has incurred much damage than expected. He should analyze how to deal with finances and how to move on from failure. This also means he should accept the loss and own it. The trader should take full ownership of the trade and should learn from loss stems.

Never forgetting where you started

When you accept responsibility, its time to go back to basics. The new trader might be afraid of starting things again after a huge loss. Also, he might be low in confidence and won’t be able to take loss risks again. This should not be the case. One should start again with will power while understanding the fact that loss and profit are inevitable when you are dealing with forex.

Considering the future

The last step is to never overlook the future. The successful traders are those who fall down and stand up each time to become more robust and strong. Hence, one should look into the future after a trading loss. You should estimate what went wrong, correct the Forex Trading Strategies, get a course of Forex Trading for beginners and recover from the trading loss. These are good traits of resilient trader. If you experience a big loss, you should consider being knowledgeable and tough while facing adversity. With right thinking, you may emerge from your losses to be victorious.


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How much money is actually going on in Forex Market?

How much money is actually going on in Forex Market?

When you hear about the Forex market, you tend to think about a special realm in which you can easily get rich. Many people are curious about Forex trading. However, they are unsure of how forex works and how much money in Forex Market. They tend to take help from forex Mentorship or forex online trading courses.

One may also feel curious about how much money is actually being transferred in the forex world and whether it can help a trader reach their financial goals or not.

As far as forex is concerned, there are lots of doubts to be cleared. The amount of money in the Forex Market is one such doubt that we shall look to cover in this blog. In forex, theirs is always something to learn. Each day brings more chances to enhance your strategy and getting started now is never late.

How much money in Forex Market

Forex is not confined to a single country or a location. It is a trade done on a worldwide basis and involves currencies from all across the world. Buying and selling currency is big business. The Forex Market has more than $5 trillion in trading that too on each day. The amount is around 25 times the volume of the total global equities being traded every day.

The question that arises from this is why Forex is so huge. The reason is that the market is never stopping its trading operation. When a market closes, another opens and the process continues forever, day and night. And there are traders from all across the world which means Australian forex traders can trade in the markets of North America and North American traders can try hands in some other country’s market.

Another prime reason for so much money in Forex Market is that currency trading is always in high demand by central banks, global businesses, and international trade. A country’s bank will often try to shore up its national currency. And the best and safest way to do this is by trading currency in the open market. Global operations utilize Forex trading to reduce the risks of foreign market operations.

The types of currencies being traded

As you study in the forex trading course for beginners, the forex market involves several currencies from different countries of the world. However, most of the volume swings in a few of them. They are the major currencies. These are:

  • USD: United States / Dollar
  • GBP: United Kingdom / Pound
  • JPY: Japan / Yen
  • EUR: Euro Zone / Euro
  • AUD: Australia / Dollar
  • CAD: Canada / Dollar
  • CHF: Switzerland / Franc

types of currencies being traded

One important thing to note here is that in forex, currencies are always traded in pairs. The major currency pairs of the market are:

  • USD/JPY: United States / Japan
  • GBP/USD: United Kingdom / United States
  • AUD/USD: Australia / United States
  • USD/CHF: United States / Switzerland
  • EUR/USD: Euro Zone / United States
  • USD/CAD: United States / Canada

As you can see, the list is not never-ending. There are many combinations that also include several unique pairs. These incorporate the currency of an emerging economy. Some examples are Thailand and South Africa.

In Forex, you are betting on one currency as compared to another one.

How much money do you need to start?

As a forex mentor or a trader, the amount of money you need to start trading in forex depends on various factors. This includes what you are trying to aim at. All in all, you need to consider the personal circumstances, trading style, financial status and your style of trading. The amount also depends on how well you can bear the risk and how good you are in risk management. A general rule is that you should not be risking more than three percent of the money you have in your account in each trade. Many traders start from few dollars and slowly climb up the ladder making more huge trades from their earnings. Others take a chance to go all-in with lots of money to try their luck. No matter whatever you do, always invest while having some of the money in your account to avoid going bankrupt.


Forex has lots of money in it. Every day millions are traded, transferred, purchased and sold. Hence, there is no shortage as far as money is concerned. As an ambitious trader, you should not think about forex as a trading platform that has less money. It has a scope beyond your dreams. As a trader, if you take steps wisely, you may make a lot of profit. The idea lies in being patient, staying educated and making the right move at the right time.


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Why You Need a Strategy to Trade Forex?

Why You Need a Strategy to Trade Forex?

Forex is a vast trading market that is comprised of numerous distinctive features. Out of these, there is 3 main strategy to trade forex that helps new traders to learn the exact meaning of the foreign exchange market in terms of trading.

Before making their first move in forex, every new trader must know this forex scalping strategy and its value in different trading strategies. Unlike other trading systems, forex encompasses the entire globe and it can be very difficult to interpret and trade successfully in the foreign exchange market. Before opening a new forex account, you should be aware of the distinctive features of the forex market that are described below:-

Strategies based on Function– The entire foreign exchange functions to establish transfer purchasing power between various countries. Whilst making trades, different partners are converting currency profits into their domestic currency funds. If a country’s purchasing power is strong, another country might be trading with a low purchasing power. Another important function of the forex market is to obtain and provide credit for international trades while avoiding an exchange rate disaster. In the case of international trading, the forex market is quite efficient as it helps in the movement of goods between nations and offers funds for financing.

Geographical strategies– The spread of the forex market has no limits at all. It spans from North America to Asia, China and back to the American subcontinent. There is no doubt in the fact that no nation remains untouched from the impact of the foreign exchange market. The easy access 24 hours a day trading of forex makes it more attractive in the eyes of investors. There is something for every individual in the forex market. No matter what time you pick to start your trade, there will always be a responsive trader in other parts of the world. The geographical feature of the foreign currency exchange market helps new traders in understanding the volume and extent of forex. The major exchanges for forex trading are located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, New York, Bahrain, Sydney, and San Francisco.

Strategies as per the participants of the trade– Forex market thrives between interbank or wholesale market and clients that are also collectively known as the retail market. There are various kinds of participants involved in the trading between these two parties.

Strategies as per the participants of the trade

  • Banks

The foremost participants, in this case, are the bank and non-bank foreign exchange dealers who excel in buying at bid prices and selling at asking prices. By trading currencies, banks are able to make a good amount of profit that can sum up to 20% of the total share.

  • Investment firms

The second types of participants are investment firms. This category consists of importers, exporters, tourists and other types of investors. They take the help of the market in order to make investments. They are often observed making use of forex like a hedge in order to reduce the amount of risk.

  • Speculators

The third groups that look for profit in the foreign exchange market are speculators and entrepreneurs. These individuals are out there in the trading market trying their luck to make money for themselves. They act in their own self-interest during every trading step. They pursue lucrative rate changes to help them profit with the least possible risk indulged. In some cases, large banks are also part of this group.

  • Brokers

Brokers working in the foreign exchange market are the list of participants involved in trading systems strategies of forex. These are the participants who facilitate trading but do not act as partners in the process of the transaction. In normal cases, they charge a fee for their advising services. This fee is often decided on a commission scale. Bonus Awarding Forex Best Brokers act as a bridge between large scale traders and grand trading positions.

No matter how much information you gain from online forex trading training or forex currency exchange training course, without having a basic strategy up your sleeve, it is hard to survive in the volatile market. So devise out your best tactics and use your resources to implement a fine strategy to get the best out of your trading hours in the forex market.

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Are You Planning to Try Forex Trading? – Follow Step by Step Guide

Are You Planning to Try Forex Trading? – Follow Step by Step Guide

It is a common fact that people with high incomes don’t have enough time to enjoy it. On the other hand, people who have time don’t have enough income to enjoy. With the forex market, you don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle to earn an above-average income. If you focus for a few months on trading techniques, you can make your earning dream a reality while creating both time and money to do what you want. All you need to do is to try forex trading with a few simple steps. These are also mentioned in various online training trading courses. You might also hear them from forex mentors in various articles.

Here is a short description of various steps that you need to follow to attain a good fortune in the forex market.

  1. Deciding entry cost- You might think that getting started with such a reputed and highly used trading market will cost a lot of money. The fact is, when compared to other trading markets, forex demands a minimum fee of 100 dollars to open up an account. Forex tools also allow you to open or try a demo account to make sure that you are investing in the right places before starting your trading business.
  1. Interact with customers – What if you can get access to thousands of customers who are willing to buy from you and avail of your services? Wouldn’t it be great to avoid hassles like money collection stress, keeping tough customers happy and keeping up with competitors? All this is possible in the forex market which you can operate from anywhere with the help of a laptop and a working internet connection.
  1. Gain Experience- Another advantage of forex market is that you don’t need much experience or professional training to enter the trade market. Getting a traditional job involves the accumulation of experience, a well-maintained resume and having contacts with higher officials. With forex, you can get started right away.
  1. Leverage money– A huge amount of money like $100 000 currency can be traded with a little sum of money like $1000. This is due to the reason that ease with which you can buy and sell, some broker will leverage it up to 2000 times, so with the help of just $100, you can control a 200 000 unit currency position.
  1. Predict the outcomes- Currency prices generally follow a pattern in which their prices repeat themselves. Hence it is easy to predict the outcomes of your business and investments. Methods like technical analysis help to observe these trends and profit from them.
  1. Learn from transaction mistakes- In forex markets, your mistakes won’t cost you a fortune. The best broker for forex trading normally does not charge commissions to trade or maintain an account even if you are dealing with small volumes of trade.
  1. Stay transparent- This is a huge advantage in any business or trading market. This means that you can manage risk and execute orders within seconds. Maintaining transparency is highly efficient and it allows you to avoid surprises.
  1. Gain earning potential- Forex market has a daily trading volume of over 1.5 trillion which makes it the largest trading platform in the world. Hence there is no limit to how much you can achieve and how much profit you can gain with the foreign exchange market.
  1. Make money in every market conditions- Forex market involves pairing of one currency against another, hence when you buy in one, you are selling in another. So, there’s no partiality towards either currency while moving up or down. This also means that it’s entirely up to you to choose which currency you need to buy or sell. You can make money during the growth and fall of a particular currency.

Forex is not a skill you can accomplish in one day or night. It is a whole phenomenon that needs experience, skill, fortune estimating skills and a great intellectual level for traders to succeed. Though these are important, if you follow the above-mentioned steps, you might feel at ease in the first few months of trading. With time, you can modify or enhance your strategy and convert these simple steps into modified tactics that will help you trade with better luck on currency pairs. You can also take help from courses and websites that provide information in the form of forex trading for beginners.

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5 Differences Between Trading Stocks and Forex

5 Differences Between Trading Stocks and Forex

When an individual thinks about getting rich using the trading platform, the two prospects that emerge are the stock exchange and forex trading market. The bonus awarding forex best brokers often debate about the differences between trading stocks and forex.

The two financial trading industries are different and have their own different sets of risk levels. There are stock traders who invest in forex and there are forex traders trying their luck in stock marketing. For a new trader, the decision can be quite confusing.

Though there might be differences in the type of trading, the risks involved are the same in both forex and stock exchange. They both can be potentially and emotional daunting for traders.

So, without further ado, let’s start with some basic differences between trading stock and forex market:

  1. The entry costs

Every trading market requires some cost to enter or initiate the trading. Stocks usually require a much bigger capital as compared to forex. For most of the average forex mentors, forex is usually the easier way as it has fewer entry costs.

The reason why forex needs lesser cost is the fact that it makes use of leverages which is increases the controlling units during the trade. This can be both helpful and harmful to speculators.

As far as the stock market is concerned, profits are usually large as it takes in a large sum of money. Also, losses could be huge and might even wipe out the invested capital in the stock exchange.

  1. Forex is a simultaneous game

Another major difference between forex and stock, as shown in a forex trading course, is that when you trade in forex, you are simultaneously buying and selling the currency. This means you are literally exchanging currency pairs. This is far different from stocks market trading. In shares, you can either buy or sell at a time.

In forex trading, currency pairs are the instruments of trading. You can speculate the currency rise or fall against another currency after investing in it. However, in stocks, you can buy the shares whenever you think that the share price of the particular stock is going to rise.

  1. Investing and speculation

Speculating in forex markets is much cheaper as compared to that in stocks. The reason is because of the large liquidity pool that is present in the forex. It is a fact that most of the retail traders are the speculators that hold positions for a few hours or for 24 hours at best.

In the stock exchange, speculation is possible but it comes with heavy costs. Also, you need significant amount of investment to speculate in stock markets. Most investors usually use the stock exchange market as an investment. In contrary to this, forex market gives you quick results with short-termed results of profit or loss.

  1. Forex has a lower spread

Spreads are regarded as the difference between the asking price and the bid. This value is smaller in the forex as compared to stocks. Though some large-cap stocks have tight spreads; such is not the case with most other stocks available for trade.

In the forex market, the major currencies usually come with tight spreads. This is due to the volumes that these forex currency exchange pairs have. For long term, the spreads are cheaper as compared to the stock exchange.

  1. The difference in the trading place

As most of us are aware of, stocks are traded at a well-structured building called a stock exchange. NYSE or New York Stock Exchange is one perfect example of a stock exchange. Trading at this place comes with several benefits for traders. They can get access to order-books to keep a record of selling and buying procedures. This is also useful for traders who are always on the lookout for fundamental or technical analysis for trading. Trading at exchange also comes with security benefits. This makes it a safer option.

As far as the forex market is concerned, mobility is a term spread across the entire currency trading world. Trading is done over the counter. There is no centralized building or exchange place for forex markets. The transactions can be done privately between sellers and buyers.


As you can see, both exchange markets have their own pros and cons. What you chose depends on what your risk tolerance is. You should understand your goals and decide on whether you wish to invest or speculate before making the decision of choosing an option between Stock Trading and Forex.

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What is Supply and Demand?

What is Supply and Demand?

The two basic terms used most often by traders are supply and demand trading.
Supply = selling
Demand = buying
Supply is the quantity of an item available for buyers at a certain price.
An area of increased supply refers to an area of increased selling pressure. This selling pressure causes a market’s price to fall.
Demand is the quantity of an item which is wanted by buyers at a certain price.
An increase in demand refers to an area of increased buying pressure. In other words, an area of support. This area of increased buying pressure causes a market’s price to rise.


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