One of the most significant and fundamental elements of trading are developments in the currency markets. Incorrect recognition of trend interpretation can have a devastating impact on Forex traders. You will most definitely hear the cliche “the trend is your friend” at some stage in your investment career. Although this statement is true and seems relatively clear, it can be deceptively difficult to actually recognize a pattern, particularly if you are new to technical analysis. And the trend is of course only your friend if you can identify it properly.

The trend is the Forex market’s measurable path – up, down, or sideways and operating in accordance with the market trend, we increase our chances of success significantly. With the awareness that consumer psychology is actually driving the Forex markets, we should agree that the psychology of Forex is creating and ending the patterns that we are looking at today. For any student of technical analysis learning how to define the pattern should be the first order of business.

A forex market pattern occurs when a currency pair’s price shifts in an observable direction over a given period of time. One of the strongest trend measures is the moveable average of a currency pair’s speed. The average of a given number of currency pair prices that change over time is a moving average. Generally, in an uptrend, you will see a fairly obvious pattern of HH (Higher High) and HL(Higher Low) from the market’s swing points, and in a downtrend, you will see a fairly obvious pattern of LH(Lower High) and LL(Lower Low) from the market’s swing points.

Markets are made up of many different types of trends, and it is the identification of these trends that will ultimately decide your long-term and short-term investment success or failure. Through integrating the moving average diagnosis with the pivot count and then fine-tuning the analysis with analyzing candle trends, an FX trader will stack in his favor the chances of making a good deal. And that it takes practice in order to achieve accuracy and profitability.

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