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You have probably noticed that ordinary traders on the Forex market are constantly trying to find new strategies, indicators, or trading plan that will allow them to get more money. The reason for such frenzied searching is that most traders lose money, rather than earn it.

In fact, the quest problem is that it never ceases to exist. An inexperienced trader doesn’t realize that finding and sticking to a stable trading network is enough. No single set of indicators has brought its owner big profits. Only those who know how to view a series of indicators and strategies can find some way to make money.

Consider a very basic trading strategy, which uses nothing but the moving averages. Keep in mind that this program can be modified, and still make money. You might incorporate a level of Fibonacci help and support & resistance, or RSI, for example. Any of the additional indicators will work but stick to its structure as soon as you decide to use this trading strategy. but the best one is supply and demand which is used by many professional traders and financial banks to get high volume trades.

Supply and Demand trading strategy is one of the best working strategies in Forex. So how to read the confirmation levels of the supply break demand area to make a decision on any Forex trade we’ve made while trading. Actually supply & demand is the center of forex or any other market economy’s main function, as the trade of services and products for economic value. The level of supply and demand is slightly different from the level of support and resistance. Supply & demand has two zones with a minimum of two lines that covered this point. These two lines have a small gap area that we can enter at the level by calling with a supply or demand zone.

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