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Footprint Indicator: Understanding Footprint Charts.

Footprint Indicator

Footprint Indicator

Footprint charts, also known as volume footprint charts, are powerful tools for traders looking to gain deeper insights into market activity. In this blog, we’ll explore what footprint charts are, how they can be used, and why they are essential for both commercial and informational purposes. We’ll also discuss how to leverage footprint charts on platforms like ATAS.

What are Footprint Indicator?

Footprint charts display detailed information about market orders within a given period. Unlike traditional candlestick charts that show price movements, footprint charts provide granular details about buying and selling activity at each price level. They highlight the volume of trades and the price levels where these trades occur, helping traders understand market sentiment and potential price movements.

Key Features of Footprint Charts

  1. Volume at Price Levels: Footprint charts show the volume of buy and sell orders at each price level, allowing traders to see where significant buying or selling pressure exists.
  2. Bid/Ask Differentiation: These charts often differentiate between the volume of buy orders (bids) and sell orders (asks), providing insights into the market’s strength.
  3. Market Sentiment: By analyzing footprint charts, traders can gauge the sentiment of the market participants, identifying whether bulls or bears are dominating.
footprint indicator

Informational vs. Commercial Footprint Charts

The uploaded image indicates the usage of footprint charts in different contexts. Informational footprint charts, with higher footprint values like 1300 and 30, are typically used for educational and analytical purposes. They provide a broad overview of market trends and are useful for traders looking to understand market dynamics without making immediate trading decisions.

Commercial footprint charts, with values like 70 and 50, are more focused on specific trading activities. These charts are used by professional traders and institutions to make informed trading decisions based on detailed market data.

Using Footprint Charts on TradingView

TradingView is a popular platform that supports various types of trading charts, including footprint charts. Here’s how you can use footprint charts on TradingView:

  1. Accessing Footprint Indicator: To view footprint charts, you may need a premium subscription to access advanced chart types. Navigate to the chart settings and select “Footprint” or “Volume Profile” under the chart types.
  2. Customizing Charts: Customize your footprint chart by adjusting the time frame, volume levels, and other parameters to suit your trading strategy.
  3. Analyzing Data: Use the detailed volume data to analyze buying and selling pressure at different price levels. Look for patterns such as high-volume nodes (areas with significant trading activity) to identify potential support and resistance levels.

Why ATAS Might Be a Better Choice

Although you can see the footprint chart on TradingView, my preference goes to ATAS. It works very well and allows you to switch between normal candlestick charts and footprint candles in seconds. This flexibility can be crucial for traders who need to quickly adapt their analysis and trading strategies based on real-time market data. ATAS provides a user-friendly interface and advanced features that can enhance your trading experience, making it easier to interpret complex market data and make informed decisions.


Footprint charts are invaluable tools for both commercial traders and those seeking informational insights into market dynamics. By providing detailed volume data at specific price levels, these charts help traders make informed decisions and understand market sentiment. Platforms like TradingView offer robust capabilities for leveraging footprint charts, making them accessible for traders of all levels. However, for those who seek a more flexible and user-friendly experience, ATAS might be the preferred choice.

Incorporating footprint charts into your trading strategy can enhance your market analysis and improve your trading outcomes. Whether you’re analyzing markets for educational purposes or making high-stakes trading decisions, footprint charts offer a depth of information that traditional charts cannot match.

For further reading, consider exploring “footprint charts free” resources and “footprint indicators” to enhance your trading toolkit. Happy trading!

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