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top futures to trade

Trading futures can be an exciting way to get involved in the financial markets. Whether you’re new to trading or have some experience, it’s important to understand the different types of futures and how they work. This guide will help you learn about the best to trade based on their activity, liquidity, volatility, and suitability for different traders.

Best Futures to Trade

Choosing the right contracts can make a big difference in your trading success. Here are some top options:

  1. Best Futures Contracts to Trade
    • These are great for maximizing your exposure in the market because they have high trading volumes and moderate competition.
  2. Best Futures to Day Trade
    • Perfect for day traders who need to get in and out of trades quickly.
  3. Best Futures to Trade at Night
    • Ideal for those who prefer trading during off-hours due to high activity at night.
  4. Best Futures to Trade for Beginners
    • Beginner-friendly options with lower competition, making them easier to trade.
  5. Best Micro Futures to Trade
    • Good for those who want to trade with smaller amounts of money and lower risk.

Most Active and Liquid Futures

Activity and liquidity are important in trading. High activity means lots of trading opportunities, and liquidity means you can trade without affecting the price much.

  1. Most Active Futures
    • These are highly traded futures, offering plenty of chances to make trades throughout the day.
  2. Most Active Futures Contracts
    • Active contracts with lower competition, great for frequent traders.
  3. Most Liquid Futures
    • These futures have lots of liquidity, which means better prices and easier trading.
  4. Most Liquid Futures Contracts
    • High liquidity with reasonable competition, making them very attractive for trading.

Futures to Trade

  1. E-mini S&P 500 (ES)
    • One of the most traded futures contracts.
    • High liquidity and volume.
    • Ideal for day trading and swing trading.
  2. Crude Oil (CL)
    • Known for its high volatility.
    • Offers substantial trading opportunities.
    • Suitable for traders looking to capitalize on large price movements.
  3. Gold (GC)
    • High liquidity and volume.
    • A popular choice for hedging against economic uncertainty.
    • Attracts both short-term and long-term traders.
  4. Eurodollar (GE)
    • Highly liquid and actively traded.
    • Often used for trading interest rate movements.
    • Popular among institutional traders.
  5. E-mini Nasdaq 100 (NQ)
    • High volume and liquidity.
    • Tracks the performance of the Nasdaq 100 index.
    • Preferred by tech-focused traders.
  6. 10-Year Treasury Note (ZN)
    • Highly liquid and widely traded.
    • Tracks the performance of U.S. government debt.
    • Suitable for those interested in interest rate movements.
  7. Corn (ZC)
    • One of the most traded agricultural futures.
    • High liquidity and volume.
    • Popular among commodity traders.
  8. Natural Gas (NG)
    • Known for its volatility.
    • Offers significant trading opportunities.
    • Attracts traders looking for high-risk, high-reward trades.
  9. E-mini Russell 2000 (RTY)
    • High volume and liquidity.
    • Tracks the performance of the Russell 2000 index.
    • Ideal for traders focusing on small-cap stocks.
  10. Silver (SI)
    • High liquidity and trading volume.
    • Popular for hedging against inflation.
    • Attracts both short-term and long-term traders.

Most Traded and Volatile Futures

Knowing which futures are most traded and most volatile can help you plan your strategy to take advantage of market movements.

  1. Most Traded Futures
    • High trading volumes make these futures suitable for many trading strategies.
  2. Most Traded Futures Contracts
    • Consistently traded futures with moderate competition, ideal for steady trading.
  3. Most Volatile Futures
    • High volatility means potential for big profits, but also higher risk.
  4. Most Volatile Futures Contracts
    • These contracts are great for traders looking to capitalize on large price movements.


When choosing futures to trade, consider factors like volume, competition, liquidity, and volatility. Whether you’re looking for active trading, day trading, or night trading, this guide gives you an overview to help you make informed decisions. Remember, matching your trading style with the right contracts is key to successful trading.

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