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Tag: forex trading education

Delta order flow.

Delta order flow. What is Delta order flow? Firstly the term delta was introduced in trading in the year 2002 together with the footprint charts.

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Order flow footprint / How to use?

Order flow footprint What is Order flow footprint? The Order flow footprint charts are currently becoming increasingly popular with traders. With the footprint chart you

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Forex volume indicators / How to use?

Forex volume indicators Forex volume indicators. Is it important to use a volume indicator when trading forex? I personally think this is very important to

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When to enter a trade forex?

When to enter a trade forex? When to enter a trade forex? For some and I think for many novice traders it is very difficult

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How to trade GBPJPY?

How to trade GBPJPY? How to trade GBPJPY? I’ve been discussing a lot of forex pairs in my blogs lately. And now it’s time to

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Market structure forex

Market structure forex What is Market Structure? In this blog I will tell you more about market structure in Forex. Because what exactly is Market

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How to count pips?

How to count pips? How to count pips? A word often heard in the world of trading is perhaps the PIP. And once you have

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