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How to trade GBPJPY?

How to trade GBPJPY?

I’ve been discussing a lot of forex pairs in my blogs lately.
And now it’s time to take a closer look at GBPJPY and how you can approach this pair.
I personally love GBPJPY but man oh man I also lost quite a bit of money on this pair in the beginning.
But once you can handle this pair, you can also earn a lot of money with this pair.
Let me put it this way GBPJPY is quite a wild pair.
You like it or not!

The behavior of GBPJPY.

Trading GBPJPY is a bit similar to trading GBPAUD and XAUUSD if you like excitement and action these are the pairs for you to trade.
It moves very aggressively and if you take a trade too early you will burn your fingers.
And your account if you don’t have good risk management of course!
But once you learn to recognize these sharp moves well and you know how to anticipate on them, you can also make a lot of Pips very quickly.

How to trade GBPJPY

How to trade GBPJPY

Above we see the line chart of GBPJPY and the nice movements between the Supply and Demand zones.
GBPJPY is therefore very good and clear to trade with Supply and Demand zones as long as you are patient and do not take a trade too quickly.

How to trade GBPJPY

How to trade GBPJPY

In the image above we see the same chart but switched back to the candlestick chart.
Do you also see all those liquidity spikes in the zones?
You can also see this a lot when you look back in the past of GBPJPY.
And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t get in too early with this pair.
Just wait patiently so you don’t get kicked out right away.

How to trade GBPJPY

How to trade GBPJPY

In the last image above we see the same chart again, but zoomed in a bit.
Here I have also clearly indicated the liquidity area.
Take that in your mind.
So do you see what I mean?
Price often tends to drop just a little deeper before the price finds its way up.
That’s why you have to be patient and actually wait for this to happen and then if you see the price come back up again, that’s a good indication of a possible buy.


To be able to see and recognize this, it is better not to have lists of forex pairs open in the beginning.
Preferably choose 3 and get to know them completely.
You often see the behavioral patterns of a specific couple very well.
And so you can learn to trade better.
The trick is not the more the better but the less the more winning trades you will eventually make.

Besides what I have now explained, you should of course pay attention to more things before taking a trade.
Do you want to know what exactly?
You will learn all this in the course, but applying it will take some practice.

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