The Forex Scalping Course to Understand What is that

Forex Scalping is a forex strategy where the trader only keeps his positions open
for very short periods, with the aim of quickly catching small profits.
This can be a very profitable way of forex trading.
Because the time that the position remains open ranges from a few seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes.

In fact, there is no more talk of forex scalping than normal intraday trading.
However the target profit per trade is usually between the 1 and 5 pips
In theory, it is also possible to set up a forex scalping strategy with the expected profit between 5 and 15 pips net, but in that case the position will have to be held longer for longer than 1 to 2 minutes.

How does Forex Scalping work in Realtime?

Firstly the trader must first consider a working system.
Most important part of any forex scalping strategy is at least risk management.
The difference between profitability and profitability is, in fact, risking only a small part of the total capital and quick packing of any profit.
After all, anyone who already has some experience in trading in the online currency market knows that it is not possible to deal with profit is an unprecedented risk if unable to accept / cause loss.
Successful scalping means risking 1% up to 2% of your total capital.

Forex Scalping

If you work with very small profit margins, there is no room for greater loss.
In conclusion, a scalper develops a fixed, elaborate strategy that is not deviated from.
At our course, you learn everything about Scalping and Swing trades.
So if you interested in scalping but never did scalping before please contact me for some more information.

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