How to trade XAUUSD?

How to trade XAUUSD?

Gold is a liquid pair that’s why I love trading XAUUSD.
XAUUSD respects Supply and Demand levels very well and is therefore perfect to trade in combination with Supply and Demand Zones.
As you know I am a real Supply and Demand trader and this is a perfect combination for me.

Below you see a XAUUSD chart and I’ve highlighted the most recent Supply and Demand Zones including the lows and the highs where the price finds its liquidity.
So we can take advantage of it for break of structures or shifts in momentum with the big investors like the banks and the financial institutions.
Because they eventually move the market.
We apply part of the smart money concepts for this.
See also the next blog about smart money.

How to trade XAUUSD?

We can also see from the XAUUSD chart above that gold is very ranging right now.
Which in turn gives many opportunities to make nice trades on XAUUSD.
Whether it is trending markets or ranging markets, gold remains volatile and has an average of 100 to sometimes 250 pips per day.

XAUUSD Sessions.

The best sessions to trade gold for me are the London/New York overlap.
As most know I come from Europe and therefore i mainly trade the London and New York sessions.
And I always see gold moving even more when New York opens.
So I often like to use that overlap when trading gold.

Timeframe and Entry’s.

Gold really can be traded on any time frame.
As a Daytrader / Scalper, I mainly use the multiple timeframes such as the H4 H1 for overal bias/trend/momentum.
And the lower time frames M30 M15 and M10 for proper execution to also keep my risk to reward on point.
With regard to targets, I often use the most recent highs/lows because, as explained earlier, that’s where the most liquidity can be found.
And that, of course, combined with Supply and Demand.

Tips and tricks trading XAUUSD.

1. Trade from edges based on supply and demand.
2. Be aware of liquidity pushes (Deep liquidity pushes)
3. Understand the sessions you trade.
4. Use DXY (The US Dollar index) as confluence.

And finally, manage your risk!

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