How to use volume in Forex Trading?

A handy tool that I often use when trading Supply and Demand is volume.
Actually, I always have it there as confirmation for a possible trade.
But what exactly does the volume indicator tell you and how do I use the volume in my trades?
I’ll tell you more about it in this blog.

For me it is important in my strategy to also keep an eye on the volume on the market and especially at certain Supply and Demand levels.
Because the volume can already tell you a lot or can even sometimes give a sign that the price could reverse at a particular Supply and Demand zone.

Just have a look at the image below.

How to use volume in Forex Trading?

How to use volume in Forex Trading?

In the image above we see a nice Supply zone where the price comes for the first time.
And if we simultaneously look at the volume below, we also see that something is happening there.
The high volume already gives us an indication that the buyers are giving the last hard push up.
So this “may” be the first sign of a possible reversal and that the price will fall again.
I put “can” here in parentheses ” because this is not a direct signal to go sell.
For this you have to confim a number of other things before you can determine whether this is a nice sell.

How to use volume in Forex Trading?

And so you can get much more prestige with the volume bar, such as possible fake outs.
Or that there is a bigger indication that price is breaking through the zone.
That’s why I will always advise everyone to always use the volume bar in your charts.
It is a handy tool and can always give you more confirmation of a possible trade.
And sometimes also give an indication in advance which way the price could possibly go.

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How to use volume in Forex Trading?

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